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My eye's suck!!!!!

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Bruledrift, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. Bruledrift

    Bruledrift Active Member

    :mad: I guess I am at the age where I can't get too close to do any detailing and I can't do detailing without getting close to the mount. What a pain in the ass, Reading glasses work all right, but I still have a hard time getting too close. I normally wear contacts, when I wear my normal glasses I have to take them off, put them on, I hate it.

    Thanks For letting me vent

  2. They have some lighted detail glasses for taxi work, WASCO has them I think. Take a look, might be what you need. ;) McKenzie has one called the opti-visor that is similar.

  3. Pescado

    Pescado Biggest in 2011

    Let me guess John, 45?
  4. I feel your pain. Pisses me off all day. Reading glasses are not the answer just gives me a headache. Eye doctor says all I need are reading glasses. Not in this business, I need to see. Thanks for the post I needed it. 44
  5. Bruledrift

    Bruledrift Active Member

    47 in April. I am seriously going to look at those lighted glasses. Man I get frustrated.
  6. cattrax

    cattrax Beats being in the shop!

    47 next month. Man, I am there. Let us know what you find.
  7. The optivisor is expensive but the best thing out there if you want to do real fine detail work. There are different lenses and I use the 2X only. Sucks to get old, Steve
  8. Artie mags

    Artie mags New Member

    Optivisor is what I use even though I don't need them.I just like to see the detail close it works for me.
  9. Bruledrift

    Bruledrift Active Member

    I should try those things my dentist wears once. Those magnifying things that look like they are glued to the glasess. My wife is a dental assistant and might be able to get me a deal on them.
  10. Bruledrift

    Bruledrift Active Member

    Well, those optivisors arn't that expensive. I am going to have to get one, I like the light option it has also. I have been using my head light to get the inner noze and eye detail. Thanks for the input.

    Funny, in my head I don't feel old at all, just when I try to do things.
  11. I'm 43 and were not old, just older. ;)
  12. Bruledrift

    Bruledrift Active Member

    Ya, I know we aren't old yet, but when these things start happening to everyday things, it is irritating.
  13. ed150

    ed150 deer city time

    got the same problem,i did add extra lighting in the work shop,helped a lot
  14. michaelf

    michaelf New Member

    Add extra lighting and Optivisor helps me. 54 and it don't any better !
  15. Bobbi Meyer

    Bobbi Meyer I luv to ride my tricycle, I luv to ride my trike

    bifocals here...no line progressive!!! :-\
  16. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    I guess I comprimised, and exchanged hearing and hair, cuz Im seeing things fine.
  17. Scott Musgrave

    Scott Musgrave Little Wildcat Creek Taxidermy, Sharpsville, IN.

    50 this year. I'm with Bobby no line bi fogles and lots of light.
  18. My optician talked me into the progressives and I can't even wear them hunting. I resort to my old style for sitting in a tree otherwise I get dizzy and sick to my stomach. And looking at fine detail gets me too. I have one of those dental lights with the round lighted lens and still find it to be a pain. I am going to look into the optivisor.
  19. Cygnet

    Cygnet New Member

    I use the optivisor and love it. It really helps for the fine details and if it looks good looking thru the optivisor, then it looks even better when you look at it without them,LOL!!
  20. akmike

    akmike Member

    started this 1 year ago I wear contacts and readers didnot work my eye doc gave me 2 different powers of lenses they are a pain but do help when i can make my eyes focus .I have intalled a very bright light above my work bench and that helped the most the doc said don't worry it is normal and you will get use to it .I said what not seeing well?