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Does this happen often?

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by jeclausen, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. jeclausen

    jeclausen New Member

    I am just getting started with taxidermy. I have only mounted one head. I have learned a lot thanks to you all on here though. But my question is this. I took a deer head to a taxidermist two years ago to have mounted. I got the mount back and it looked good. I was/am very happy with it. But I just found out that another guy that was getting trained by the taxidermist is the one who actually mounted my deer. I don't mind and I probably wouldn't have had a problem with it if the taxidermist would have just asked me instead of me finding out two years later that some trainee did my mount. Does this happen often? I would think it would be at least common courtesy to ask the customer. I took my head to him because I liked the quality he does not a trainee. I would think if you were training someone they should have their own specimen to work on or get the ok from the customer.
  2. Cole

    Cole Amateur Taxidermist

    I don't know how often that happens, but I would guess probably not that often. I don't see a problem with it. I have had someone spend a day in my shop for some training and I had him mount one of my customer's deer. I was right there to help, and the quality was the same as any deer mounted in my shop. You chose a taxidermist based on the quality of work that leaves his shop, and he was there when your deer was mounted and according to you the quality of your mount is consistant with others you have seen. If you are as happy with your mount as you claim, then what difference does it make?

  3. If the taxidermist is allowing the trainee to mount his customers stuff, he is either very confident in his work, or an idiot. Most will just let the trainee/new help do small things at first... And work up but not just go moung a whole deer all by them selves. But if he wasn't an employee I think he shouldn't have allowed it. When I went to school I was only allowed to work on my own stuff and Very selective things on other mounts. But I didn't mount their customers stuff. Now maybe others are different but thats my experience.
  4. rbear

    rbear Well-Known Member

    I have done work for other taxidemest before. I don't see it to be a big deal. The people I have worked with put their own final touches on the mounts. I basically did all the grunt work. The best way to explain it would be: If you were building a house the builder uses sub contractors for the things he needs them on. The builder is ultimately responsibly for the work and has the subs do things his way so the house turns out the way he prefers so the all the houses he builds will have a certain look to it. People buy his houses because of the way they look.
  5. jeclausen

    jeclausen New Member

    Thanks for the replies. I am happy with the mount and I am not upset. I just thought it was odd. I just don't think if it were me I would let someone do my customers mounts without asking them first if it is ok with them. But you are right it is still their name that gets hurt if a bad mount comes out of their building.
  6. Cole

    Cole Amateur Taxidermist

    If the mount looks good then an unexperienced trainee wasn't turned loose on it. It sounds like the quality is there, so the guy you hired must have had a hand in the process. What you described probably isn't that common, but one thing is common is taxidermists who sub out their work to wholesalers. Some tell their customers, some don't. The bottom line is the quality of the finished product.

    I'm glad you are happy with your mount. We've all heard the hundreds of horror stories of ruined and lost trophies. Sounds like you did your homework and contracted with a professional shop.
  7. Tenbears

    Tenbears Member

    If a seasoned Taxidermist With a good reputation allows a student?Trainee mount a customer's It is because the Student has progressed to the point that the Taxidermist has confidence in him. Remember the Taxidermist's reputation lies on every mount. The true reality of it is the quality of a mount is in the preparation. The outcome is in the expression. Not in the application of the paste, cape, or the sewing. A first day student under my close guidance, and supervision can "Mount" a deer that will look EXACTLY like I did it. Because it is my eye, and skill that oversees the project. Rest assured that the mount will not go to the drying room until it looks exactly as I want it to. the same goes with any subsequent adjustments. It really does not matter who's hands do the labor it is in the knowledge, and talent of the overseer.
  8. ryan9289

    ryan9289 New Member

    im 19 and have been in training for a while, i started out doing the small things, like once i mastered proper placement of all the hair i would move on to something else like the mouth, then the nose, ears next, THEN the eyes. and im still not perfect but the taxidermist i work for would always come back and fix my mistakes so that it looked good by the time it left the shop. And i still am not at the point to where i can epoxy and paint.

    TIM DUNCAN surry county va

    i don't know how often it happens either but as long as the taxidermists didn't leave him alone to do your deer i thinks its ok hes was only a few steps away to fix any begginer mistakes before it went out the door, tim
  10. What about contract work? I see a lot of you don't think that this sort of thing happens very often but I see a lot of contract work going on on this sight. If a customer leaves something at a taxidermist they are giving the Taxidermist their permission to do the work or have it done by whomever they choose.
    Yes the reputation of the Taxidermist's business is on the line and they will not be in business long if shoddy work leaves their establishment.
    Next time ask who will be mounting your trophy if it bothers you.
    No I do not contract out any of my work.