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3rd mount

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by deltaducks, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. deltaducks

    deltaducks New Member

    please tell me what you think. I all most threw this bird away. i destroyed it when fleshing. I pretty much ripped the tail off. there were so many hole init it took me over an hr to sew it up. I also learned to wear gloves when mounting because there are a couple of spots that i got something on the bird after it was mounted and i cant get it off. thanks for the advice

  2. I think it looks great. Good Job for your 3rd mount

  3. Brando24

    Brando24 Member

    looks good
  4. igor

    igor Member

    Looks good for your 3rd. Please, don't assume, that using of right manikin and correct size of the neck will solve a problem. You need to make a nice transition between parts ( head and neck, neck and body, wings and body) with fillers, caulk , and PROPER place of attachment. I also would measure the size of eyes on skinned bird. Again, looks great for your 3rd.
  5. looks good keep at it
  6. NIT

    NIT New Member

    Not bad at all for a third duck! a couple of things stick out to me. 1. The bill is the wrong color. It should be more yellow. 2. I believe (without seeing a a top down photo) that the center line gets shifted to the left between the shoulder blades and the base fo the neck. It looks like there is some skin bunching at the top. If you taxied the skin to the center and towards the head, i think the bunching would smooth out. 3. I think the head should be turned to a straighter position and the neck straightend out for a streamline look. Just a few things I see. NOW, THIS IS IMO!! Not must do's as I am not a master! You, probably will be someday!