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color blind

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by chevytrucks, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. chevytrucks

    chevytrucks New Member

    just wondering how many of you are colorblind, and if so how it affects your taxidermy career?

    I am colorblind red green mainly but i get some others mixed up as well (light red and pink, blue and purple, yellow and light green) it depends a lot on the shade. i can usually get the colors right but i have a lot of trouble getting the right shade. i havnt had any real problems yet since i use my girlfriend when buying paint and figuring out colors. I know ill never be able to do fish but my local taxidermist only does two or three fish a year. he has done really well this way for 20 years or so. I do screw up sometimes but my determination has helped me enough not to give up. i plan on making this my profession and im just seeing if any of yall are in the same boat as i?
  2. ahh .. well there is some one on here that is color blind. grr he's from texas and does great work

  3. chevytrucks

    chevytrucks New Member

    not following you brush please explain?
  4. There is a man on here from Tx that is color blind can't remember his name but he does great work, i believe he has a problem with the color red.
  5. chevytrucks

    chevytrucks New Member

    oh alright...maybe he will show up on this topic
  6. chbtaxidermy

    chbtaxidermy When in Austin, do like the Liberals: Hug a Tree

    I'm colorblind.... but I can still read.

    I wonder who Brush is referring to..... ??? :)

  7. Heck

    Heck Active Member

    Well, I watched a color blind buddy of mine paint his duck blind and.... well...It was the prettiest pink and green blind I had ever seen. ;D ;D
    But then on the other hand, my son is color blind and he is my main bird critique...he can spot a feather outta place like nothing!! It is the patterns he can spot.
    And spot deer in thick brush, they stand out to him....... But can't tell hunter orange from a stump!!! :-\
  8. Im color blind on green and red. When I got drafted to go to Vietnam I thought it might keep me out...nope, they said I would be walking point (out front) because I could spot the cong better. Their camo did'nt work for me I could see their outline better.. I can spot deer pretty good too!
  9. chbtaxidermy

    chbtaxidermy When in Austin, do like the Liberals: Hug a Tree

    It is true about colorblind people catching movement better.

    I rather enjoy being colorblind. Most people don't believe you when you tell them, and trying to prove it is harder. My wife believes me because I can't match my suits and pants to save my life. ;D
  10. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    I remember as a small boy my dad took me to Mr. Sam Touchstones shop in Louisiana & I wondered aloud about his fish because even to a kid the color was off. I distinctly remember him telling me he was color blind. Mr Sam made one heck of a mark in this industry so I don't see where it would/should hold you back "chevytrucks"
  11. rj9289

    rj9289 Buck the system, be an individual, be who you are.

    im veryy color blind, pink and red look alike, white and light pink look alike, browns and greens look alike, blue and purple, etc.....but you figure it out after a while and learn what is what.
  12. Oh ok now i remember the other color blind person on here is "Boxie"
    and he does great work heres some of it..


  13. chbtaxidermy

    chbtaxidermy When in Austin, do like the Liberals: Hug a Tree

    You know - I've never thought of that, but I always have trouble finding blood, unless its a big pool of it. My buddy will point out a spot on the grass and I won't see it. I've just used lights and dogs that I forget that kinda stuff.
  14. chbtaxidermy

    chbtaxidermy When in Austin, do like the Liberals: Hug a Tree

    Here you go: (and my apologies if these have inappropriate words, etc on them.... as I cannot tell whats on them - any of them!)




    This one below should have a boat on it. That's what the website said. Yes?
  15. I should try those out on my dad. He says he's colorblind... but for some reason I never really believed it... I mean, how could I never have noticed it?!?! I love my dad, we get along really well.. I'm gonna try to trick him! Not that he'd fake colorblindness.. but we'll see... =) A least if he doesn't get it Ill finally be convinced he has it. Thanks for those Evan.
  16. JE

    JE Well-Known Member

    I think green/red is a very common colour blindness, I am to a certain extent. I may be wrong here but you may be able to get glasses ( spectacles) to correct it ?
  17. i am colored blind and have never had a problem with fish but schedules help alote
  18. deadwood

    deadwood New Member

    I am also red/green colorblind. It is very common, when the eye doctor got out his book of patterns like that, he got to about page ten and then skipped a bunch of pages saying that I wouldn't see them...I tried anyway, and he was right. One interesting thing he told me was that colorblindness comes from your mothers side, which was weird to me because me dad always told me that he was colorblind. And like everyone else said, I can spot deer a lot better than most, but after I shoot them, I have to call my buddies up to help find them. I had lost a LOT of BIG DEER before I found out that I was colorblind, it still hurts thinking about a couple of them that should be on my wall.
  19. copper

    copper Active Member

    Me too, red/green, have a few problems in the blu/green area as well. Sometimes I feel like the more time I spend painting, the better I get at picking my colors.
  20. chbtaxidermy

    chbtaxidermy When in Austin, do like the Liberals: Hug a Tree

    I've never heard that, but I've never really looked into it. I just know the doctor says I'm colorblind in three different areas, which is pretty obvious to me most of the time. ;)

    It would make sense though because my dad's side of the family has perfect vision it seems..... my mother's dad (my grandpa) was colorblind in the same three areas I am colorblind in.

    It doesn't hold me back any.