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Have you regular fish gurus ran your numbers lately?

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by hampshire, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. FishArt

    FishArt Well-Known Member

    Well, thank you very much Jim! Now me thinks I better duck - lol!!!!
  2. Ahhh the angry arguing fish taxidermists. LOL Once again Marty's envolved. LOL and I'm not? What the hell? LOL ;D The Saga continues.

  3. LOL
  4. RDA

    RDA Active Member

    jeez fish heads this thread was as popular as the price per inch thread!!! :D The problems you discuss are the same for all taxidermy not just fish..... ;D
  5. RDA

    RDA Active Member

    Im right here ;) current price for fish 24.00 per inch and Im in the middle ground of pricing.... Question,,,,,,,,If two customers came to your shop to buy a stock fish mount one offering 5.00 per inch and the other offereing twenty five per inch,,,,,,, whom will get the fish mount....... duuuhhhhhhhhhhhh

    and need I remind you,,,,,,,,$46.00 per inch was achieved by Josh Knuth..... :p :-* ;D
  6. FishArt

    FishArt Well-Known Member

    And some are STILL stupid enough to DRINK IT - lol!
  7. Perca

    Perca Well-Known Member

    I have two ears. One listens to Aaron Stehling and the other listens to Marc Charles. The rest of you good fish heads can remain in the colosseum and continue to the end. ;D ;D
  8. Well I am not even in the same league as most of you and didnt mean to stir the proverbial punch bowl. I just thought it interesting when I ran the numbers. On game heads and lifesize mammals there seems to be room. On my fish I already thought I was towards the top of my charge/quality scale. I raised it to $19 screw it lol.
  9. Wow before I left for a birthday party this evening i ALMOST posted how I was pleased that this thread was maintaining and intelligent and helpful course.
    I leave for Pizza and Beer and what happens.

    I for one have had it with these accusations of being an "Elitist fish guru"
    Sick and tired of the childish crap.

    GOD forbid i have PRIDE! in my work. GOD FORBID! I have a level of craftsmanship i strive for. GOD FORBID I HAVE A STRONG WORK ETHIC. And GOD FORBID I LOVE MY JOB!

    I am a fish taxidermist and do the BEST work I can produce. I charge what I need to to get payed for what I do.
    You all can go do what ever you want, its fine by me.

    Flipping labels everyone needs throw around. I left the art world to get away from it and I find out its here too.
    Sad just sad

    If anyone want to engage in an intelligent conversation, I'm here.

    Smell ya later.

    ;) :D ;D
  10. RDA

    RDA Active Member

    Josh,,,, you are a TALENTED artist and when that happens you also become a target and direction of many a conversation just the turf that goes along with being good......And besides that,,,,,,,,,,,,You have Class in you posts and crack me up... ;) cept that flippin KOI is still depressin me.... ;) ;D

  11. Phhht
    Nuts to that

    I'm a shmuck who paints fish in his basement.
    If it means I need to be part of their Imaginary clique then Ill lay down my brush.

    People who really know me know why I don't Compete. I hate the feeling, sure I could probably win, but my reason for doing it isn't true.
    Ive been down that road and didn't care for where it lead me.
    If running side by side with someone and they looked at me and said "You know you are in a race right" I would stop running.

    I really really hate this crap.
    I try to avoid getting visibly annoyed in posts or in public but this really gets to me.
  12. I'm really happy you like it, sorry it depresses you though. ;)
    but when I say it makes me happy to see a smile on my customers faces I mean it.

    text time I'm out in your area we need to do some fishing. lol
    I hear you have a good lake near by for chubs.
  13. who pist you off? Me? Man yall are confusing the hell out of me lol. I really want to get more involved in fish. I love fur and bush 8) but rarely ever get wowed. The fish wow me and I want to be there. There is a level of art involed in realistic painting that is awinspiring IMO. To say painting a large mouth in over 6 hours is bad then I'll probably be in trouble. Some time I spend 6 hours putting a deer together. I woek until Im happy with it. If it wouldnt go on my wall I dont expect the customer to be satisfied with it on theirs.
  14. RDA

    RDA Active Member

    Josh I smile every time I look at that "wee carp" :D And you are a credit to your industry and it sure doesnt matter what your motivation is, just keep on keepin on... ANd it may be REAL easy for chubbin soon weve had a crappy winter thus far and lake lahaton near me is down to 5000 acres from 330,00.... ::) ::) So get on out here before their dust!!! :eek: :D The rocks that I fished for the chubs at walker are about 150 from the water line now.....That lake is liable to "die" anytime.... ::)
  15. No Darrell
    Not you at all.

    You raised some darn good questions, and started a really intelligent conversation.

    Its others on here who feel the need to drive some people into the cliques they claim exist but in reality dont.
    when "titles" and names that are really cleverly (or not so) disguised insults get thrown around the conversation grows ugly fast.

    Honestly I think people cant handle intelligent discussions about their business. They just want to see names and insults hurled.
    These threads are like watching Jerry Springer (Is he still on?) They want the insults the names, the fists and the flying chairs.

    Now here is a funny thing to do.
    Read back at the posts and add the audience tracks from a springeresque show to it.
    You know "Oohhhhhhh" "Waaaa OOOH" "OH NO YOU DI-NT" .....................
    It actually becomes rather comical.

    But no Thanks for starting this thread Darrell, it got me thinking and gave me a few Ideas, its just too bad it went Springer on us.
  16. These types of discussions are ALWAYS heated. Everyone thinks things should only be one way.........their way, but like Josh says...always informative and something is learned by all yet, easily gotten out of hand. I too, thank Darrell for posting

    Yeah, the cliques here whether imaginary or real....SUCK! As for me, I try to piss off everyone at LEAST once...LOL! I feel it keeps me even keeled...LOL!!!

    I just got back from a popular(local) muskie banquet and it was really nice to talk one on one with a fellow competing taxidermist from Antigo WI. We discussed things much more important in life than taxidermy...and it was very refreshing. I was even able to find out we had many of the same interests OUTSIDE of the world of fish mounting. Had we decided to one up each other with price per inch talk, hourly pay or who's method of running a taxidermy business is better, it probably would have been a big fat bummer.........................sure glad it didn't go that route!!!! We all take our careers seriously....nothing new here.
    For me, the nice thing about discussing all of this on line is....I don't have to excuse myself when I walk away because I think you're full of it or you can't hear me when I say...what an idiot!!!....and...vice versa.....LOL!

    Gaining success when approaching a task at hand and then thinking because of that success that that's the only way or the correct way to carry out that task is being short sighted. Here is an example......
    Last summer Josh and I spent some time on the water. We went to one of my "secret spots". Smallies were to be the targeted species...or so I thought.
    Now, it wasn't a day where I hammered them with reckless abandon but I knew I was catching some nice ones while poor josh was back there using live bait and catching NO smallies but all SORTS of weird fish I wouldn't have looked twice at or touched for more than a few seconds..... Red tail this and stone roller that.....what the heck?? I just thought they were all suckers...one uglier than the next and crap I don't even want on the end of my line. I mean some pretty UGLY fish. When I went back to give him a few tips on how to do it the right way...."MY WAY" he looked at me like I was nuts and said...ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I'm having the time of my life with these fish now go back to your smallmouths and leave these here fish to me. Remember that Josh?
    I learned something that day.....I learned that what I thought was the right approach, the superior way to fish as well as the only fish species to target in that spot actually meant nothing to him and he was plenty busy/happy being successful catching his fish... HIS WAY.
    Information learned from the non targeted posts in this thread have a lot in common with that fishing trip......... and who knows, I may even let Josh fish with me again now that I know he ain"t gonna be messin with MY fish that I want to catch MY way...the RIGHT WAY...the ONLY way.

    Where these posts get sickening is when it is so easy to read the subliminal message of "I'm better than you are so YOU SUCK and so does your approach.

    Some great info has been exchanged in this posting and though there are too many to mention/thank...Aaron comes to mind. He always seems to add great information while steering clear of the pit falls..................wish I could be that diplomatic!
  17. Hey Marc

    I do remember that day, man I cant forget It was such a blast.
    I'm looking up at the big picture on my wall as I type this.

    Sure I got into the redhorse heavy and it was a BLAST!!!! but if you also remember after I got a few feisty redhorse under my belt I tried it your way too, and did very well for smallmouth.
    This is my point here and man you summed it up and managed to put a big smile on my face while doing so.

    BOTH ways were the right way!!
    Both made us happy and we got the results we were looking for for ourselves. And the whole time neither of us judged each other as we fished.

    Win Win.

    Now next year Ill go for the smallies and you can hammer redhorse!!! Ill even take you to a few of my spots to try for some odd fish.
    This is what I like about this site, you start off as internet chat and next thing you know you have a fishing buddy.

    Its these cliques I cant stand.
    Man if you knew me in person you would know how much I hate these cliques or even the concept of them.
    I'm not good at much in life, but I know I like to paint fish and catch fish, and that's more then enough for me.

    Lets see if we can get this trolly back on track here.
    There is some good info on here, stuff that will help beginner and veteran alike.
  18. Natures Art

    Natures Art Gone Fishin!!!

    Well Marc and Josh, you guys are going to have to come out on my boat this Summer for some "specimen gathering".
    Josh, you can reel in all the "Trashfish" LOL... unless you can bring yourself to catching Salmon.

    As far as quality and pricing..... some people want to shop at Walmart and some people want to shop at Sacs.
  19. Id love too. lol
    Hey do you consider Lake trout Trash fish? they are one of my favorite. :D
    I love you brownie from this week!
  20. Natures Art

    Natures Art Gone Fishin!!!

    We'll have to set something up for sure.

    Many people consider Lakers or "Greasers" as Trashfish but not me. I cut my teeth on Lakers. Although not as much fun to catch as a 15# Steelie dancing on top the water, they sure are good boiled.