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I'm sending all my stuff out for now on

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by redwolf, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. RDA

    RDA Active Member

    Oldshaver, page four third post down from top.... :D Now, Ive already plainly stated that compared to you guys I know very little or nothing about the specifics of tanning except that Ive mounted them all.....But I talk with Monte and have learned much,,,and my ignorance of a subject only lasts till im interested then I research .. And I did compliment you on your knowledge and carolinas quality product ;) :D I was actually just trying to calm the situation,,,,,but alas it appears as if I know nothing of that subject either.... ;) ;D
  2. Sandy99842

    Sandy99842 New Member

    wow I was thinking this was done.......

  3. RDA

    RDA Active Member

    well now ya got me.... :D ANd I cant give an answer but Monte may... Im still feeling guilty over accidentally blasting Carolina ::) ;D sos I was just trying to reduce the over all stress level of the thread...... ;) :D Thought it would give everyone a real dummy for a target... ;D
  4. Sandy99842

    Sandy99842 New Member

    I can say one thing, you boys need a bigger sand box. It sounds like you both have a good deal of knowledge on tanning. I don't know old shaver, but I will tell you stuffenstuff has helped me out more then once. I do tan the way he advised me to and I have no more problems with slippage. I don't want to say what I was using that did give me problems, I am afraid to. LOL
  5. stuffenstuff

    stuffenstuff Member

    That is what you said about Monty...retard! Your so F'ing stupid you don't recall from one drunk to the next! WOW you work, and have a BIG drum. Man you must be smart??? More like smart ass. I speak of the home tanner, when I say I used RO in my tan. I had a lot of clean RO water, as I would breed piranhas, and used the strung water as it had all the chemicals needed to raise them fast the rest went to tan! Why waste it. The ideas I post are things that work for me. Not things my BOSS told me. Well let's see, you might make $8.00 a hr ( but you will lie) Boy what a bread winner! Yeah, I might be online when I want because I get a severance pay due to a seasonal job, and I do my taxidermy. I am willing to bet, I make more in one day than what you bring home in a week, Or do you get paid in fur, from your BIG OL tumbler. WOW, you must know a lot, you use a shaver... and get info from your BOSS. Wow. I never claimed to be a scientist, only things I know are form trial and error and giving a few weeks of my time to the tanneries for free, so I can say for sure what works for me, and not what my boss told me. I seen people open tanneries that did not know shit! "Might have been you" so this makes you educated because you work at a tannery. Do you know how stupid you sound??? Did you wake up this morning and say....ummm duh ...wheres my camera I have to take a picture of the Big ol tumbler today so I can look smart.... what an as* hole. And you are so damn stupid that you don't know what the white is around the fur! Dumb ass that is the TAN!! I do the boil tests, I don't go by what my BOSS told me.(like you) I worked at 2 tanneries for free just to learn, so I did not sit at a wheel like a dumb ass all day.
    And as for krown tan, you would think it's good, just a bunch of tans and oil and acid mixed in a bucket. I am done tiring to explain shit to you, learn your job! Ok, I have to go for now, hockey game is back on. I have much, much more, but no time. god love ya :) oH I see your new post, Now I know you are stupid!!! The reason for the bleach is so you don't grow MOLD as it will grow in a pH of one!! If you had bleach pH 9 !! and put one qt to 500 gal then what do you get! NO CHANGE. Ok I give up missing the game, Been fun, I am sure I will be back :)
  6. Sandy99842

    Sandy99842 New Member

    Boy, I'm going to have to spend more time on this site. RDA, you make me feel sorry for you. Trying to make a target of yourself drawing away from the bigger game. Stuffenstuff, please be the bigger man and end this.
  7. Rhino

    Rhino Too many irons in the fire will put the fire out!

    I love you man!
  8. stuffenstuff

    stuffenstuff Member

    Maybe I will get a drum like in your pic. yea that's what i need in my basement. just for your info I am not the only guy to wash my skins in a washing machine. Is Clint Eastwood your hero? go ahead make my day LOL. Sandy I am done sorry I could not pass it up. In all reality oldshaver I have NO disrespect for you,and I respect you have a job, I am glad you work. no matter what you make for income it is better then sucking off the state. I am going to let this go. god bless ya :) stuffenrump.....I mean stuffenstuff. LOL
  9. RDA

    RDA Active Member

    sorry, i didnt notice a professional tanners only sign ;D ;D ::)
  10. Joe Winsor

    Joe Winsor Active Member

    What about 1A??????????
  11. stuffenstuff

    stuffenstuff Member

    Hudson, think about your big science. People are turning to krown tan. Yeah, that's good stuff, a real science. No, I don't work at a big tannery, as a matter of fact I send my flat hides to the tannery. However home tanning takes no rocket science. When I first started taxidermy 25 years ago I lost some nice skins, but after many years, I loose only skins that come in falling apart, just as a tannery would. People don't have to do it my way, but if they want to try, it's an option . There are so many "snake oils" on the market that it's not funny. Tanning is pretty basic and simple, so don't try to make it more then it is. And tanning is part of taxidermy, "hence"the taxidermy net". It's also the foundation, so I do learn it. Maybe not to your liking, but for what works for me. I love to read new ideas from people, if it is something I feel I want to try I will, if not then I don't cry, I just skip over it. But there is no reason a new guy should waste his money on all the crap that is not needed, because he can get a Good tan for a small amount of money. People try to make more of a big deal out of tanning as it makes them feel like a scientist rather then a tanner, but it's pretty cut and dry and easy. I have used my tanning methods for 20 years and my skins hold up, so I know it works and pass it on. I wish you would put your tanning ideas or processes you use on, so I could see if I would like to try it. And I am serious, I can tell you one thing, I would not say you are hurting the tanning section because of your opinion. And please feel free to come over to taxidermy fish, birds, mammals etc. We would love to have your opinion. Again I am serious.
  12. RDA

    RDA Active Member

    I completely understand - Ive learned much from ALL OF YOU about the specifics of tanning and its been a real eye opener- I had been fortunate enough to have always used commercial reputable tannerys in the past, although they were not without problems... I just recently "lost" a bear at a western tannery that went to them in fine cleand dry salted state ... So ive become interested in all of this . Tanning my own small stuff also makes sense to me at least they have all their feet.... :D And heres my real reason for posting tonight may clear the air a little,,,,,the bickering was starting to annoy me terribly, as all I could think is GLEN is fighting fir his life......and here we are....... ::) ;)
  13. stuffenstuff

    stuffenstuff Member

    Hudson, I am not saying I am better then cyclon or oldshaver,"well I did" but only in an argument, LOL.

    But, I can have an opinion, and a time tested recipe for my methods. When redwolf lost his gray fox, I PM'ed him and asked him to try my way of tanning, and if it did not work, I would replace his fox free. He said thanks, but no thanks, I am going to send them out. But it was his choice to try it or not. I have PM's from people that love my way of tanning and say I helped them! As long as one person gets help, I am happy.
    The tanners get upset when I say it is "simple", but if you stick to one way of doing things once you find it, then it is easy, that's why Bruce came up with ez tan. The reason people have switched to krown tan, and buy them damn auto tanners is because people try to make tanning too complex. It's NOT, it's fun. JMO
  14. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    WOW. This turned into a fun thread :-\
    You all have valid points here, but because this is a forum I can't see who's chest got bigger. :D
    Stuffenstuff just to let you know, the only reason I said thanks, but no thanks, is just because I don't want to take any more chances with hides. I meant no disrespect.
    You've been a big help to a lot of us, and it's appreciated ;)
    OS, bud you have WAY more knowledge on tanning that I or most do, but I'm at the point where I skip over your posts, cause I know somewhere in them is name calling and belittling.
    I wish you would just explain what we need to know, and stop saying (typing) what you think about the guy your arguing with. Don't take this the wrong way, I'm just trying to help here.

    Please say a prayer for Glen, and another for Darrell's wife if you get a chance.
  15. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    Here OS

  16. oldboar

    oldboar Taxidermy...do the impossible:)


    I could do the calculation for you if you'd like...but in summary the residual chlorine concentration that is in the pickle cited.. would not yeild chlorine gas that would hurt anyone.

    Often people take a bit of information...and turn into something else, aka blow it out of proportion.

    Take clorinated tap water...aka city water. Should we be afraid to add vinegar to it? Gonna kill us all?

    Nope, nuf said.

  17. bill@hogheaven

    [email protected] New Member

    Thats why we love you OS, you tell it like it is.
  18. TD

    TD My GGG Grandfather John "Tanner John" King b 1820

    I agree with you Hudson.............That's why Beginners should just keep it simple and use the products for home tanning that are on the market,FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS ................
  19. stuffenstuff

    stuffenstuff Member

    I think the fact that Jim is an "environmental chemist" give's him the credentials to state his opinion in the matter,"more so then most" I am sure his back ground has more clout then, said passed on information. The tanning process Is just one small part of chemicals we deal with as taxidermist. We spray lacquers,degrease in gas,use formalin and/or formaldehyde in injection of mammal parts, bird parts, "and if you want to talk about a gas that will get you on the floor quick take a gander of that stuff!" and the list goes on. I think when some people see guys with low numbers, some people think they don't know what they are doing, and sure a lot don't know as they are new. But the fact is, many low number people have much more knowledge then a high point guys that just joined the site, I can assure you if Roger Smith "tanner" just joined this site today he would start with one point as a new member, But he would give most tanning people on this site a big spanking! I don't want to beat a dead horse or get into name calling......again LOL. And Hudson I see your concern and I appreciate your concern, but the bleach/formic acid in the amount described "one cap per 30 gallons of water" is NOT going to hurt anyone. and if they like or feel better, then keep a tight lid on the bucket. I also think monty would not give out dangerous info. :)
  20. cyclone

    cyclone Posts: 400001

    Yes, please, do a calculation for us...

    While you're at, you might look up carbon filters and find out exactly which of the components of "hard water" they remove.
    You'll find that they remove VOC's and organic compounds...chlorine or hypochlorite yes, but remove no calcium or magnesium compounds, the ones responsible for "hard water" conditions.