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Wolf with Nite eyes.

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by Don Jahner, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. jimmysimpson

    jimmysimpson waiting for whitetails to take over muley country

    I hate those eyes because they are not natural looking, so mark me down for being a "redneck" just because I don't agree with you. Trying something new is great, but there are not many Wolves out there with running lights.
  2. Don Jahner

    Don Jahner Well-Known Member

    Dang Jimmy, She's only teasing ya, got a nice face though. LOL

  3. jimmysimpson

    jimmysimpson waiting for whitetails to take over muley country

    Very nice face.
  4. I've never used them and never will - mostly because I have always built my own for less than $5 in parts and little labor. However, glowing eyes do look cool in some circumstances (nice wolf mount BTW! Eyes are nicely done whether they glow or not...), but IMO these type of eyes would be a lot more natural looking if the light came out of the pupil (and not from the iris) as would be the case with a live animal's eye shine.

    You shine a flashlight at your dog or cat (or a wild animal) and it is the pupils that glow, not the rest of the eye! LEDs come in a rainbow of colors, including greens, yellows and blues that can emulate eye shine. What I do is to get Van Dykes to make me custom eyes with the pupils blank (or I get flints and paint the iris myself) and have the LED shining out of the pupil. The iris will still glow a little but I can put black paint on the back of it and kill any light so the light only comes out of the pupil if that's what I want.

    But I pretty much only use them for novelty mounts and not "straight up/normal" mounts - this fox you can see that while the iris and whites do have some what of a glow, most of it is coming from the pupil (I didn't black out the iris and white on these obviously):

    However, I might just order a run of blank pupil coyote eyes and see how a normal mount would look with a green or blue LED in the pupil....
  5. akcattrapper

    akcattrapper I fish, hunt , do taxidermy AND-- I am a woman!

    Jimmysimpson---- I was calling US rednecks because WE like em! NOT you! I don't call people names i am nice! i honestly was calling MYSELF a redneck as I AM a redneck and proud of it. ANd yes the shoe fits me! LOL! I think if you read it again you'll see i was saying that liking the nite eyes is a redneck thing-- honest injun Honest----- my mama told me if you can't say something nice about somebody don't say anything at all-- so i do try to live by that.
  6. Lisa M

    Lisa M Swing like no one is watching...lol

    Akcat...thank you SO MUCH for posting pics with the lights off too! They look just like regular eyes. ;) It's great to have options! I am liking this as an option to give clients. Have one display animal with them in, and then when folks see it you know they're going to want them! And we charge accordingly!

    Schrecken!!! THAT THING IS UGGGGGGGGGGGLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY and I mean that in only the best way! Great job! He's one scary MO FO! I think he needs more than a rabies (or whatever) shot! :eek:!
  7. Bobbi Meyer

    Bobbi Meyer I luv to ride my tricycle, I luv to ride my trike

    where do you hide the on/off switch?
  8. WeaponX

    WeaponX I'm an old dude

    Bobbi I think its under the tail ?
  9. akcattrapper

    akcattrapper I fish, hunt , do taxidermy AND-- I am a woman!

    Under the tail ??!! HA ha -lol! I guess it coud be wherever you want. We make our own bases so we hide the box with the switch in the base. It works great. We have been offering & using Don Jahner's Nite Eyes for some time now and have had good response with customers. It is more work, but of course more money to make too. After all, we don;t always get to pick what WE want as the customer is the one to please right? LOL!This base is on the backside of the top of the base so it isn't so nocticable. Sometimes we cover the unit with moss etcc. Here's pics of the switch box and the base the wire runs down the front leg betweeen the hide and the form. We dremmel the form to make the wire lay flat of course so it doesn't show. I love Shrecken's work---man that fox belongs in a spook house or mutant horror movie! "Killer Foxes"- yep sounds either like a b rated horror flick or some nasty movie! LOL!!!
  10. Thanks for the compliments on my fox - those sell pretty well on Ebay, especially around Halloween! I think I called that one a "zombie fox"....I just bought a couple crappy grade coyote capes from Bob Wendt and those will be looking something like this too! BTW that fox had mange - no sense in messing up a perfectly good cape.

    But back to the eyes - the ones I make I put the battery holder and switch on the back of the shoulder mount or pedestal form, and drill out a space for those to sit down inside with a hole saw on the wood backing on shoulder mounts.
  11. akcattrapper

    akcattrapper I fish, hunt , do taxidermy AND-- I am a woman!

    Hey Shrecken--We do that too. The first ones we did were done that way on pedistals. We did coyote first and then did some red fox and bobcats. We enjoy doing the different and unusual, but just not as different and unusual as your stuff! LOL! I love it anyway and always like seeing everyone else's creations. Also Kudos to saving those questionable capes we alsways try to do something with them as well. I hate wasting anything.