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"A no pressure show and tell challenge" anyone interested?

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Jknuth, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. There has been a lot of talk lately on painting fish and different methods and techniques used.
    There have also been discussions on learning to step away from the published paint schedules to try to develop your own on a case by case basis.

    I have been spending time in the bird forum admiring the beautiful bird of the week threads and lately the bird challenges.

    It started me thinking if there would be interest in doing a similar challenge in the fish forum.
    "A no pressure show and tell challenge."

    Here is what I am thinking.
    1. A no pressure, no winner "show and tell" challenge.
    2. We pick a common species and give two choices or both if you want.
    3. Skin mount or replica.
    4. Uncommon color pattern.

    1. What I mean by no pressure, no winner, show and tell challenge is this.
    There is no money involved or charity, this is an educational exercise and what you do what the mount is up to you.
    There would be no winner or looser. The point of this is to get together, work together and share what we do, and what we learned.
    Show and tell, well you all remember kindergarten. ;D We would get together in the end and post pictures of what we did and how we did it. Share what we learned together and have a laugh or two on the way.
    I am thinking work in progress photos and updates would be neat to see, Its always interesting to me to see how and where others work.
    We all have seen the beginning and we all have seen the destination, but we all take different roads to get there. So take some pictures on your way to the destination. It doesnt have to be a step by step, keep it casual.

    2. A common species, one that is easily accessible. I am thinking of starting perhaps with a Bass? Largemouth and/or Smallmouth

    3 Skin mount or replica, who cares? Remember the destination is the same for all of us, only the road differs.

    4. Now here is the challenge. Uncommon color pattern! The goal here is to get people to step away from the schedule, use it as a starting point and develop your own schedule by studying the referance material.
    So I am thinking a "Clear water" Largemouth or Smallmouth would be a good jumping off point. These are those Pale fish, the "boring" ones. I personally find them very beautiful fish actually, and surprisingly
    hard to paint. To often people fall onto the spot or bar pattern to develop the color and personality of the fish.
    We are in such a hurry to put that stripe or bars on the side that the rest of the subtle beauty is pushed aside.
    I am guilty of this and am trying to train myself to stop that bad habit.
    So what do we do when those trademark stripe and bars are not there? how do we proceed.
    I have gathered referance pictures of both species and can put them up so people can download them.

    Now I don't know if anyone is interested in this or not? I am going to do this exercise for myself anyway, its good practice.
    This type of thing my not be everyone's cup of tea and that's fine. This may be more of the Comp in my Comp-mercial style. LOL

    If anyone has any suggestions Id love to hear them.
    As far as a time line? sometime late spring maybe.
    This is casual and should stay that way. You need just enough pressure to get your butt moving, but still want it to be fun.

    If people want to join me in this little exercise I'd certainly love the company.

  2. Here are a few examples of the types of patterns I am thinking of.



  3. JE

    JE Well-Known Member

    I would guess every single beginner and would be fish artist will be hoping and praying this idea takes off Josh ;D How about starting with something easy like European perch ;D ;D LOL
    I really hope this idea takes off in a big way.
  4. Well Here is an Idea.

    How about you cover a Common European species for you guys over there and I can do a common one for over here.

    You game?

    If this goes anywhere we can just keep doing them.
    I think it would be fun, but I am odd.

    Id love to see what You guys do! I am jealous of your HUGE perch.
  5. JE

    JE Well-Known Member

    Huge perch :eek: Honestly I have no idea what your perch run at, but I think the UK record is only 5lb 15oz ( I think ). And very few are over 4lb. A "good " perch will be anything over 2lb to me.
    I also doubt I will be up to standard for such a challenge for a long while yet, come back in a year or two and then well see ;D
  6. HAHA

    ONLY 5lb 15 oz

    Here is the biggest perch caught since the late 1800s

    the one in the picture is 3 and change.

    Our record is 21.0 inches (53.3 cm) and the largest recorded weight is 4.2 lb (1.91 kg).

    Anything over a pound normally gets put on a wall here.

    As for waiting. No reason to wait, thats the whole point to learn by doing.
    Dive in man!
  7. J. Sonner

    J. Sonner New Member

    Great idea Josh. I was trying to think of how to do a challenge thread like the bird guys have also. What a great way to get new ideas on tech. I think we should do 2 things though-1) Keep RDA out since he wins all the time (LOL) and 2) we should invite UFD to join a salmon thread with the stipulation he puts up some in-process procedure pics and text(LOL). Seriously, I'm in for a bass.
  8. bassnbuck

    bassnbuck better late than never

    sounds cool...im kinda on the learning curve but i have some bass im gonna be doin soon for my collection. so i could join in with a bass
  9. I don't think your gonna see that happen. Thats man has too much talent to give away free lessons. But I could be wrong. ???
  10. Well WOOT!!

    How fun.
    Lets get a bunch together then in a day or so Ill put up the referance pics I have and we can go from there.

    Travis? You in ??? :D
  11. Becky P

    Becky P One must believe the glass is half full.

    It may be a long time before I'd participate but I'd love to see it.
  12. sparkyf

    sparkyf New Member

    Yeah Josh, I think it sounds like a hoot!
  13. Natures Art

    Natures Art Gone Fishin!!!

    I'm game.... I have a mold of one (lmb.) that died in my pond last summer. He looked just like those in your pics.
    I've been looking for an excuse to do one up.
  14. Manny

    Manny New Member

    I'm in !
    Not that it matters much, but I always love a challenge of any kind. Plus this would be the best practice for me personally. I now have to concentrate on eyes , fins and strait up reference color.

    Hey Josh, got any Smallies over 15 " in your arsenal of molds ? If so Im interested.

    And not one with the fish still in it ;D
  15. Harum

    Harum Active Member

    Sounds like an interesting idea and I like the push to paint your fish by studying your reference rather than a schedule but I see a possible problem with this. What if somebody was to take these shared processes modified them slightly then proceeded to create tutorials for their own web site or taxidermy school. I would think there could be some individuals that would not like this in the least. This might even cause them to no longer share the ideas and techniques that they would have otherwise been willing to share.
    Just food for thought, but I think I'll opt out on this one. Oh, and Happy Birthday Josh.
  16. naturalcreati40

    naturalcreati40 Active Member

    Hey Josh, I'M IN. I love those bass too, the faded ones. I've been itching to do one. Are you going to provide the photo and were all supposed to work from that one?
  17. scanman

    scanman New Member

    I'm in, just let me know what kind of fish we are doing. I'll probable use a reproduction since I have no bass in the freezer.
  18. Yeah I'm with Pete on this one. I think in the long run this may cause a few problems. I'll stay out and get back to my customer fish.
  19. Tench in winter colors and habitat.
  20. naturalcreati40

    naturalcreati40 Active Member

    Travis, I think thats the whole point is to share techniques. If one doesn't want to give away one of thier top compoition secrets, thats ok.