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"A no pressure show and tell challenge" anyone interested?

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Jknuth, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Manny

    Manny New Member

    Just the fact of George hating this idea so.

    Leads me to believe were on to something ;D

    Let the games begin !
  2. RDA

    RDA Active Member

    Ok, Im not a REAL fish head just a wanna be :D But George does have a point as well as Jim...You can label something no pressure,,, BUT I garentee there will be pressure to each and every participant.. Why? Becuase its the game. The CHALLENGE is ma nature, and the pressure is immense to try and replicate and to LOOK BETTTER THAN EVERY ONE ELSES! :eek: ;D This IS the competition process and it will teach many things including about pressure..Even Josh will put pressure upon himself to do the best he can do. If your not feeling any pressure, then your probably not doing it right.... ;D And if I had game, Id be right there in with this, but I fully and freely admit I would have pressure upon myself... ;) :D IMO its whats makes us grow ;)

  3. Pescado

    Pescado Biggest in 2011

    Quote from George
    But here you have a competition with no winner. How's that?

    Hey a "politically correct" competition/challenge or whatever,lol. I guess it could be like the Bozo Show with "almost winners" LOL.
  4. larry k

    larry k New Member

    I don't see where it matters what George thinks.....
  5. dougp

    dougp Active Member

    Jeez Paul, what are you drinkin' tonight ??? I gave in to the recession and plugged in to a 30 pack of PBR...what the hey ;D

    Bozo show..."Uncle Ned with the smiley head", eh ;D Aunt Dodie and Uncle Bucky ::) man...memories, LOL :D :D

    Who remembers Uncle Johnnie Coons... :) :)
  6. Pescado

    Pescado Biggest in 2011

    Costco has 28 packs of Molson Canadian for $17.00 and some change. Hard to beat that price. I have had too many this afternoon, well according to Brenda anyway.


    PBR , I cringe at the thought of having to drink that,lol. So Doug, you remember the "almost winners" ?
  7. naturalcreati40

    naturalcreati40 Active Member

    I'm gonna go drink and drink and drink and come back and read this novel over again...I'm sure it will be funnier . I don't think anyone, that wants to do this challenge, sees it as a competition. I don't think it was presented as one, just something fun to do. Thats how I look at it. I'm not competing against anyone on here, just want to learn. And yes I don't care how many tutorials are on here, I wish there were more, I'd still buy the videos. So I guess this is the wrong time to ask someone to do a tutorial on molding an open mouth, and if theres a video, I'll gladly pay for that too lol. Mostly kidding....
  8. dougp

    dougp Active Member

    I fell captive to the 30 pack of PBR for 13.99. It's not that bad really :p The price makes it even better ;D ;D
    I'm not the connoisseur you are Paul. Yesterday I indulged in the Polish works of TYSKIE, not bad.

    Can't say I remember the "almost winners". I do abhor the concept of not keeping score at little league games though :-[
    Kinda "unamerican" IMO....but that's just me ;D
  9. duxdog

    duxdog Active Member

    Josh, I think it is a great Idea. I think your intentions were for the interested to try and improve on their work, maybe get a taste of doing a piece for the purpose of hearing critiques and to see some different ways how we get to the same ending point pretty much. You and a few others go wayyyy above and beyond with your unselfishness and wllingness to share. You my friend have integrity. I owe alot to all who have shared. BUT, I still buy every DVD the Rick comes out with and BECAUSE of this site, I order all of my suppies through WASCO.
    You can't have it both ways George. So, either shut off your computer or open your eyes to what the future looks like.
  10. scanman

    scanman New Member

    I don’t know if I really get it, but Josh comes on here and says lets to a no pressure challenge. Great idea I think, us fishheads do this every week in “fish of the week”. We post pictures what we are working on, complement one another, and share tips. Josh is suggesting the same type of thing but more organized in what type of fish and coloration. Cool idea. This might generate some money for WASCO or someone else, because we’ll all be buying supplies from someone.

    Then along comes George the “fountain of truth” saying –“If a person has time to enter a "competition" for shytz and giggles, he or she obviously doesn't have enough customer work to do. (George spends a lot of time on here, maybe he doesn’t have enough work to do). For those beginners looking for a "paint by numbers" fish schedule, I'd suggest those stencils they sell. (Or you can come on here and learn from the best) I simply wouldn't think that the big fish guys (like Jeff Lumsden, Rick Krane, Paul Borkowski, Gary Bruch, Frank Kotula, George Dante, and a dozen others I can't recall immediately like this.) can see any advantage in proving their adeptness in accomplishing feats that seem impossible to most of us hacks out here.” (Why not, it’s good for business. Jeff Lumsden comes on here does a tutorial on painting a steelhead with “Liquid Scales” and guess what? I bought Liquid Scales and my fish look better. Jeff Lumsden comes on here does a tutorial on his new fish eyes and guess what? I ordered some and my fish look better. I see some of Josh’s reproductions and I bought one from him. Tim Wynia takes the time to answer one of my questions posted on here, guess who I’m going to buy a reproduction from? Rick Krane does a tutorial using Pearl-X powders, guess who bought Pearl-X powders. I may never be as good as some of these guys, because talent is God given and you can’t do what your not given, but you can do what your doing better. So I do see the advantage to a challenge it’s good for me to learn and improve and it’s good for the taxidermy suppliers.)

    Then he goes on to say-
    Jim, did you ever bother to think that you can't understand the concern since YOU don't market a video showing those techniques? (I use to buy books, video tapes and then DVDs. Maybe times have changed and maybe he/ she who adapts and changes gets the money. I think he/she that gives the information for free sells the product. Giving away information doesn’t hurt business and just cause someone has information doesn’t mean they can accomplish the goal, I know a lot but it doesn’t mean I’m going to paint as well as Richard Benedict, Mike Orthober, Mike Ross, Gary Bruch, etc., but I can do better. We all seen a lot of taxidermy shops close, you either got it or you don’t. For everyone that tried it they bought supplies from someone. Business is built by trust and customer satisfaction, including peer to peer.)

    I just got a very interesting PM on this post that may dent some of your skulls a bit. WASCO hosts this site at NO COST TO ANYONE. Currently there are 17,900+ names with accounts on this site. Just for shytz and giggles, lets say Ken figured out that the site was (AS IT IS) providing an economic service to the taxidermy industry without ANY REMUNERATION TO WASCO. He decides that as an equitable trade off for services rendered, he would charge a fee of $10 per month or $100 per year to participate. Just how many of those 17,800 do you think might pay to play? I know we'd get rid of Frogbrain, but how many more would stay? (For Ken to do such a thing would be stupid, this site generates money. Information is free, but I need to buy supplies to bring these ideas to fruition. How many trappers come here to sell specimen’s, they might ask more than what Fur-Fish-Game quotes, but why would you sell a specimen at a loss considering –time, gas, cost of traps and supplies. Us (dumba$$) taxidermist who buy specimens need to buy supplies from someone. So for Ken to do such a thing would be an unwise decision in my opinion, but an opportunity for someone else to open another site.)

    Respectfully George, I don’t subscribe to your version of the truth. Josh, I think this challenge of yours was an excellent idea for us to learn and enjoy one another’s company and work. Just to think I was going to buy a replica from WASCO for this little exercise. George, you better apologize to Ken for losing him some business.
  11. I probably never would have got into taxidermy if not for this site....I only do it as a hobby, just for myself...

    And guess what........I buy 98% of my supplies from WASCO. Polytranspar, pearl ex, liquid scales, forms, dvd's, tools, etc etc..

    I have probably spent a good 500 - 1000 bucks at WASCO..... And have a good time doing it....It's like Xmas when the package
    comes.... ;D

    All do to this site, and the information shared......
  12. Pescado

    Pescado Biggest in 2011

    1 George does speak the truth, if he's wrong he'll tell you

    2 He's retired , which means he doen't have to work

    3 Show me where one of "the best" gave out their paint schedule

    4 You call the them tutorials, I call them "Infomercials" or creative marketing.

    Thought those points needed to be addressed.

    Paul B
  13. 1. George speaks the truth...... as HE sees it.

    2. George once called me a taxidermy whore....I now know why he can say that. since I happen to depend on fish taxidermy for my income and I NEED to make a living off of my artwork...the only things he seems to be dependent on are Geritol and Viagra.

    3. The best never use a schedule......does ANYONE? Anyone who's fish look original anyway?

    4. I agree with this observation 100%! Great point J. Scanlan.

    I DO see both sides to this quagmire. Still think it's pretty damn funny though...LOL!
  14. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Marc, that's pretty strange. In your PM you told me you were a "SALESMAN". You emphasized that point in bold letters if I recall. My how the worm turns in open format.

    And when this all started, I TOLD THE IMBECILS that it was just MY OPINION and if you wanted to play I had no problem with it. I guess they're creating more imbecils than nature can keep up with. (A few of you razor sharp asses on here had better hope that you survive long enough to to understand what Geritol and Viagra are used for. It's doubtful if natural selection ever kicks in, but if you manage to escape that calamity, remember how "funny" you thought it was when you were a punk.)

    I had to apologize to one "beginner" this morning. My comments on this post certainly bear no reflection upon you (like Marc just did implying that you aren't any good if you need a paint schedule). You should certainly be thirsty for every tidbit of knowledge you can find. I wouldn't have said a word had one of you had suggested this, but Josh is an accomplished artist and fish guy. He's NOT a pissant like you and I are. When HE makes a "challenge" like this in an ego driven industry, those who don't play WILL be questioned in some degree in some way. That's why Richard commented on "socialism". That "no pressure" is just pure bullsh1t when you reach that level of talent. I've seen these people at competitions remember and I know the person that they don't think they are. I KNOW how competitive they are and as I related here once in another post, I've seen the very best largemouth ever mounted NOT get a ribbon because the judge had sold him the form and told him that giving him a blue ribbon "might cause issues with other taxidermists".

    So if you want to keep your head up your ass and not try to understand what I was saying and TO WHOM I was saying it to, that's fine. In the 11 pages that have been spent trying to refute what I said, you could have already completed your "no pressure challenge" by now. Because you don't like to admit the truth doesn't change the fact of what the truth is. And the truth certainly doesn't belong to me or to anyone else. When I find that I'm wrong, I readily admit it, but I haven't gotten there yet on this one. From the sounds of the responses, it seems many of you think it but don't want to admit it and hope by ridiculing me for having said it, it will go away. Good luck on that one too.
  15. A- Fish

    A- Fish Stehling's Taxidermy

    Who cares if it's on here or not ?
    Is it really that important ?? lol

    I'm sure George is sitting there in his underwear just laughing at the computer right now.

    If I were Josh, I would pull the post ,go fishing and forget about all the same old stupid crap everyone keeps dredging up on here.
  16. larry k

    larry k New Member

    LOL !! this has been funny reading. Josh do what you want, it doesn't matter what George says. My gosh, he needs to quit being such a pest, and his name calling in the name of "truth" is just an ego problem he has. LOL !! Ignore him and he will eventually go away , he doesn't need to get his way all the time !! He is just trying to stop you from doing it, he's like a fly, eats shi* and bothers people ! LOL !!!!!
  17. JE

    JE Well-Known Member

    Now theres a thought LOL ;D I know what I look like :eek:
  18. scanman

    scanman New Member

    I guess I want to address several issues.

    Paul, you stated “Show me where one of "the best" gave out their paint schedule”. I think Rick Krane has posted essays on painting a smallmouth bass on here, I think he also posted one on a steelhead. Let alone all the paint schedules in Breakthrough and Taxidermy Today by Mike Ross, Gary Bruch, Rick Krane, Tim & Lou Wynia, Matt Thompson, etc. I don’t know why everyone is down on paint schedules, we all use them whether they are on a piece of paper or in your head, and of course you adapt things to the individual fish you’re working on. Sometimes I write them down as I make them up because I have CRS syndrome (Cant’ Remember Sh_t), so I can remember what I did the next time I what achieve the same desired effect. Actually, I can think of really great reason for paint schedules, my son. He is just getting into the trade and shows a lot of promise, one of his limitations is that he has a color deficiency (most call it color-blindness); green, brown and red are all shades of brown to him. A paint schedule allows him to match up the color on the schedule with the name on the paint bottle, and then he adjusts things to the fish. So what would be a limitation to him is not. So my eternal thanks to all those who share the way they lay down paint. It’s a shame Gary Bruch isn’t teaching anymore from what I hear, I would have loved to ship my son out there for several days.

    Paul, your right George will apologize when he is wrong or you can give him logical information to change his mind, he’s not easily baffled by bullsh_t.

    Now back to this challenge thing, I don’t see the harm in it, whether it was started by Josh, Jeff Lumsden or even myself. I think it is a great learning experience and fun thing to break up the same old thing. So what if Josh can paint better than me, doesn’t make me a pissant, unless I let it make me feel that way. I have a goal of painting the perfect fish, one that is so damn realistic you could swear the SOB was still alive. I’m not there yet but I am not giving up. In challenging myself with this type of activity it is fun and a great learning experience and I get to hang out with some fantastic individuals. The best part is there no winner, which I totally loved. I’m not into the competition thing where you get a pretty little ribbon. My desire is not to impress anyone but to keep pushing myself, and to have the company of individuals who appreciate nature as much as I do and love this art. I think Josh’s intentions were much the same; I don’t think Josh even competes in competitions up there in Wisconsin. I think he loves this art and teaching people what he can.

    A good guy (whose a little rough around the edges), that I never met, (would like to someday) quoted on his website-
    “After 50 years, some of the luster has worn off of the commercial work aspect, but the excitement of turning one of Nature's creatures back into a memory still burns deeply inside. I suspect this is one of those jobs you do for life or you die trying....literally.”

    So I guess that is why I can’t understand what the opposition to this sort of thing is, whether it is birds, fish or mammals. Maybe I'm trying to simplify this too much as I watch the onion truck drive away or maybe that's a good thing.
  19. GBRUCH

    GBRUCH "I am nothing without christ".....John 15:5

    Now I have to correct something.
    I still teach but on a limited basis. I teach two weekends a month and am currently booked through June. So J Scanlan I am here for you and your son if you choose to visit me.

    Now Josh----Is the challenge on or what? lol.
  20. Oh its on. lol

    I just need to get out of the studio and sit and post some referance pics.