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Casting a termite mound.

Discussion in 'Molding and Casting' started by Bakes, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. Folks I want to cast a termite mound to use as a hide for my pythons. Getting the mound is no problem but what do you suggest I use to make the the mould? The mound itself will be quite sandy and poros so what can I use as a release agent (if any)?

    I was thinking of making the mound out of bondo and just coating the edge so as to make a hollow shell. Do you think this would work or is there a better product to use?

  2. I think you would have to completely seal the mound using resin or some type of spray clear coat. Then you could make a mold from rubber or silicon. How many casts do you want to pull from the mold? The better route may be to just carve a form from foam and go from there.

  3. Either Breakthrough or TT had an excellent article on replicating a termite mound afew years ago; don't remember which.
  4. Doug,
    I wanted to do 2-3. Carving from foam may be the way to go. Thanks for the replys fellas.
  5. Why not just pour a thick layer of plaster over it. Some of the debris will stick to the plaster but since it is loose, wil pull away easily when dry. Then seal the inside of the mold with shellac and rotate the mold as you coat tyhe inside with bondo-resin mix. When dry, fill with free flowing expandable foam and trim off at base when dry. Pop from the mold, and then texture or add surface debris as needed