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Georgia Taxidermist

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by wvdeerman, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. wvdeerman

    wvdeerman New Member

    I am looking for a taxidermist that was in Georgia last summer. His name is Matt Adcock and he was operating under the name Clarkshill Taxidermy in Lincolnton GA. He is making all you legitimate taxidermists look really bad. This guy is bad news and I would suggest everyone to stay clear of him and avoid doing business with him.

    Let me tell you what this guy has done. Last winter my 11 yr old son was fortunate enough to harvest his first bobcat. We had searched a good while to find a taxidermist that specialized in doing cats. Matt Adcock had posted an ad on EBAY, for bobcats that he had mounted. We liked the looks of the cats, so we contacted him to request his services to mount this bobcat for my son. My 11 yr old son spent his own money, and shipped the cat to GA from WV along with the agreed mounting fee. The cat was shipped overnight Fed Ex the first week of August 2008.

    We were told in November and December, that the cat was completed....it just needed to dry and be painted and would be shipped out to us by the middle of December.

    Since December, Mr Adcock has disappeared with the money and the bobcat. All the phone numbers that we had been given are now disconnected. Mr Adcock has since moved from that address in Lincolnton GA. W have sent many emails to his girlfriend or wifes email address and have received no replies. I contacted the Lincolnton GA police department in December to file a complaint. The chief of police there stated that he knew Mr Adcock and would actually contact him and have him to contact me. Within 2 days Mr Adcock did contact me with a new phone number and stated the cat would be shipped within the next two weeks. The next week the phone number was disconnected and we have never heard from Matt nor seen the cat.

    We have talked with the GA Dept of Wildlife, they claim to have never licensed a studio named Clarkshill Taxidermy. However Mr Adcock's name was associated with a studio named ALL Phase Taxidermy in Monroe GA, but the phone number listed on the taxidermy license the state has, is not a working number. They also stated that Mr Adcock has has several violations in the past for illegal fur trading.

    If anyone out there can help us track down this "person" we would be very appreciative
  2. Search "Bass and Bucks" Sorry Man....

  3. Michael Shipman

    Michael Shipman Killen Merriams in SD

    I don't know him personally but have read allot of his bad dealings. He has changed his name on here a few times. I can assure you all GA taxidermists are not like that.
  4. I have heard of him also and his many dealings. I would try the police department again they got him to call once before. Sorry this happened to your son.
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