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Dog Creek Tannery?

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by tgoodwin, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. tgoodwin

    tgoodwin Member

    Has anyone heard of and used Dog Creek Tannery in OK and if so, was their product very good, as in comparable to the Wildlife Gallery and Carolina Fur Dressing. Be specific as in the stretch, softness, thinness, no to few holes, rehydrates easy, etc. Do you recommend them or discourage sending hides their way? I'm trying to do some research on which tannery to start using. Thankyou for the input!
  2. GSmith

    GSmith Guest

    Dogcreek does a very nice job. Nice shave... with great stretch...occasional small shave hole. Only dry tans I get are flats and they are butter soft (can't answer about rehydration experience). Turnaround time and customer service are the icing on the cake. Also, if you do any pronghorn...they do the nicest job I've seen yet.
    Best of luck.

  3. TTTatro

    TTTatro Guest

    I started uasing Dog Creek last year and I am happy with their product. Dont Know what kind of tan they use but the stretch is great and my flats are very soft. Sean the owner has been very helpful when I needed a rush cape and is easy to work with. I also agree with Greg that the antalope are better than any other I have gotten. Hope this helps.
  4. Full Draw Taxidermy

    Full Draw Taxidermy New Member

    I send all of my tanning there. They do a great job.
  5. B Siutor

    B Siutor Guest

    Dog Creek has always provided me with excellent quality service, and speedy return time. I would highly reccomend giving them a try. Good Luck!
  6. Mike Powell

    Mike Powell Well-Known Member

    Anyone have the contact info for Dog Creek tannery??? Thanks!

  7. Hunter365

    Hunter365 New Member

    Phone number is 918-342-3600. Email/website at www.dogcreek.net