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Look who's comming to the Iowa Show!!!

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by Yogi, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. If things go as planned, my pet wood duck Kramer will be at the show. Be sure to bring your camera!
  2. RDA

    RDA Active Member

    those woodies make awsome pets..... :D

  3. wings II

    wings II New Member


    Good to see ya over here sir. Great little study partner you got there! Tell him to continue preening, that is a 2nd place pose at best. :D :D (Talked to Ted today about some heads.) I hope you're gonna send me some much needed reeds here in the not to distant future. Again, glad to see you round these parts...I will call you next week.
  4. BeckyBird

    BeckyBird My Baby Bluebirds

    What a handsome fella! Did you raise him from a baby?
  5. Riverland

    Riverland New Member

    ever knock a crappie into the crapper?
  6. mountman

    mountman New Member

    cool Yogi
    I need some more good ref.pics of wood duck drake.
    See you at the show in a few weeks.
    Hopefully I will have my mounts finished by then haha.
  7. KAT

    KAT New Member

    If you could get that sucker to stand still long enough...... I'm sure a judge would still find something wrong with it!
  8. Beckybird, I got him right out of the incubator. The guy I bought him from is able to sex them a day old.
  9. BearB8

    BearB8 Active Member

    Hey you gotta post another pic on this thread with finished my competition wood duck need a critique. I'd love to see whats wrong with a live duck. ;D ;D
    Did'nt get it at first till I looked back at the pic. My stomach still hurts. :D :D :D
  10. speaking of birds at shows...i think they were having a staring contest ;D ;D :D :D
  11. drakeman

    drakeman Active Member

    Im with you bear, I didn't get it either till you mentioned the picture. Now I am laughing. Ever knock a crappie into the crapper? That's funny ;D ;D