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Where is a good place to sell fish mounts?

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by kd70chev, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. Has anyone taken fish mounts (reolicas) to art fairs or business expos and had any luck selling them? I don't think I can make any money selling on e-bay because of the high cost of replicas combined with the slow pace I paint.As a layed of electrician I have some spare time now.Just curios what has worked for you folks.Thanx KD. :p
  2. When I was first starting out I sold mounts at "Wildwings art galleries" I THINK this is a franchise type store.
    Your work must be impeccable or it wont sell in an art gallery and they charge a large commission.

  3. cedarhill

    cedarhill Member

    I have sold some to cabin stores and done well but they move slow, skin mount small trout did much better. You are right Ebay is a good place to buy a fish replica or blank but they arent so good anymore to sell their prices keep going down. I am sure they are feeling the cruch too especially sice they are making saellers only accept paypal sice tne i stopped listing totally. Did you try the craiglist too! Good luck!
  4. I did think of the cabin stores also,I can think of 2 in my area.I tried selling a large Northern on Craigslist once but got replies back as to what is it and why is it so much.I realize the best would be to make your own from molds but I don't have any that are of trophy size.It is hard to justify buying a replica in the hopes that it will sell someday when you are just barely making ends meet.Thanx for the ideas, KD.
  5. Natures Art

    Natures Art Gone Fishin!!!

    If your gona make any money, you'll have to mold your own repros.
    Premium repro blanks bring a premium price.
    Artfair customers are looking for deals, nicknack's, household decorations.
    Not too many looking to spend $500 at places like that.

    Stick to places that gather fishermen of the species you do. Like sports shows, fishing shows maybe boat shows.

    Craigslist is like a rummage sale. Everybody wants something for nothing.
  6. naturalcreati40

    naturalcreati40 Active Member

    I do sportsman shows in my area, promoting my taxidermy and selling custom baits. I always had offers to buy my couple of fish that I displayed and finally I went to a show and sold them to a couple of vendors before the show even started. I left them on display for the weekend and had several people try to buy them, one tried to out bid the buyer lol. I think for one thing it was just the areana to be selling them, but I'm pretty confident that I could do it again. I didn't charge what they were worth, that s the only thing. You couldn't make a living at it I don't think.
  7. Most of the shows I attend want at least 400 bucks for a booth and as a part timer I don't know if that would justify itself,maybe.I need to make some molds of large fish but large fish require a lot of silicone. As I am currently Unemployed I cannot do the "it takes money to make money" thing.Kd