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Bison Hide-Need Help!!

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by EastonWest, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. EastonWest

    EastonWest What we do in North Dakota, STAYS here.

    I recently acquired a complete bison hide w'out hair on it. I got it for free from a bison slaughtering plant. I would like to get it tanned for a throw but I haven't any idea on how to do this. The note in it said

    Wetblue American Bison Sides,
    showing rot in grain due to poor

    What does this mean? Is there any way that I would be able to tan this hide? How would I go about doing this? and what type of tan should I use. I would extremely appreciate any help from anybody. It will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. EB
  2. Bruce_Rittel

    Bruce_Rittel Consultant Services

    That note indicates that the grain is ruined as a nice piece of leather. The grain is that smooth layer of cells under the epidermis that's exposed when the epidermis is removed. It also indicates that it was due to the poor application of salt to the skin (curing) after it was slaughtered. Off-hand this skin sounds like a very poor choice even for leather. I'd pass on investing the amount of time and effort it would take to tan it.

  3. EastonWest

    EastonWest What we do in North Dakota, STAYS here.

    but still, is it tannable, I would really like to tan it myself. I don't care how poor of quality it is, but if it's not tannable because it's rotten I'll try and find a different one. Thanks. EB
  4. oldterryr

    oldterryr Terry's in Heaven with no worries at all.

    if you arent listening to rittel you REALLY ARE NOT LISTENING