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  1. I just prepped and salted a wt cape. I have it hanging in my storage building, my ? is the temperature is suppose to be 70 degrees tomorrow, will the cape be safe to hang without spoiling? I have searched the archives but had a problem finding a direct answer to my question. Thanks
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    It would be better if you could finda cooler place to hang it but I don't think you'll have a problem,just make sure to resalt in the morning.I would probably have alot of salt on it and roll it up instead of hanging but thats just me.

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    70 degrees in the shade is OK. You do not want any sunshine on the cape. Do you have electricity in the shed? I would put a fan blowing on it and it will dry 10 times faster.
  4. Thanks for the quick response. Yes i do have electricity in the shed, I will put a fan on it.
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    Rolling it up would be worse if its warm out.. yur trapping all the fluid inside the roll as well..

    I lay mine on a table made from expanded metal so it breaths, I salt them for 24 hours, shake it off and resalt with fresh salt. A fan helps ALOT..
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    A fan will help, only if the humidity is low. Any humidity will head right for that salt.
  7. im in florida and im telling you its humid here most of the time . Mr T is right on the salt will draw water. i use a dehumidifer to dry most of my stuff. but the best way with out all the extra stuff is a concreet floor. salt 24 shake it salt 24 more and hang it fans , mark c
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    I use mark's method of salt 24 hours, shake off sallt, resalt for another 24 hours, then put a fan on it.