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Seal hide tanning with Lutan F

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by rasorbackq, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. Any one have any experience tanning a seal hide with Lutan F. Seal have to be the greasiest mammal out there.
  2. muscle20

    muscle20 New Member

    Yes have tanned plenty of seal skins with lutan F , your right there one of most greasiest and fat. Seal skins turn out great with lutan, but they have to be washed with a good detergent and use a degreaser in a scouring bath for sure before the pickle.

  3. Hopefully when I get them they are machine fleshed . Seal hunt is on now off Quebec.
  4. Should have the 4 seal hides on Sunday . Was just told that they are being shipping in a salt pickle. At least they will be hydrated.
    I would think that if they are in a salt pickle too long the hair would slip. What do you think??
  5. Felpy

    Felpy New Member

    You shouldn't have a problem with slippage. The big problem with seal is fat oxidation. If you don't get the fat or oils out of the fur it will turn yellow. When you get them in flesh and throughly wash with detergent/degreaser. Just a bit of advice if you are in the US you have to be 1/4 Alaska native to posses an unaltered seal hide or have a registered tannery/agent permit from NMFS/NOAA.
  6. I live in Canada.

    Thanks for the info.

    So what do I do with the hides REf the salt pickle . Just wash them, degrease and then oxalic pickle. process.
  7. muscle20

    muscle20 New Member

    Yep wash degrease and in the pickle.
  8. Well I received the seal hides and they are nicely fleshed. Just a little work on the edges. The oils on these skins is unbelievable. Run the hide thought my hands and the oils looks like french fry oil and thick. I washed them with warm water and dawn soap twice but they are still somewhat oily . Did the final edge fleshing with my newly built soft wire flesher. Sure made a mess on the side wall and now they are in a bath of commercial degreaser. The hide still stink but lets hope that the degreaser cleans them up.
  9. So update.

    Washed in Dawn soap.
    Degreased in Super Solve Degreaser for 2-3 hours
    Pickled for several days. Still stinky
    Degreased again in Super Solve for 2 hours Still has an seal odor off it. Any ideas Soon will be time to Lutan F
  10. So this seals that I have been trying to tan are a real pain.

    The owner is working in the Arctic right now so he asked an Inuit native how they treat their seal hides.

    They told him to flesh , soak in salt water for a day and stretch outside for 30 days to dry. After 30 days wash again in salt water and dry again . Work the hide.

    Thats what I will try starting tomorrow.

    They would know but I had many questions but have not heard back yet.
  11. jullibully

    jullibully New Member

    Hello Boys, I am in need of advice. I received as a wedding gift from an Aleut friend of mine 20 years a go a smoke tanned seal skin with hair on. I had to move from Alaska back home to South Carolina where it is humid. My seal skin is now hard and stiff and has mold on the non hair side. What can I do to stop the mold, make it soft and remove the old car oil smell?? I have always hung it on a wall and would like to know also if I should put it on a stretcher frame to hang it up on?
  12. Gatorjaw

    Gatorjaw New Member

    I disagree... One time I was drinking in a bar in Del Rio, Texas and had a real fat chick try to pick me up.I was drunk and she kept trying to hang on me. That I believe was the greasiest mammal I ever encountered!....... I think if it had been a seal I might have got lucky!
  13. Seal tanning update. So the last 3 seal hides after they were tanned they oxidized bad and stuck just like as they were fresh. So they went back in the freezer until last week I did buy a shaving machine to thin the hides and didn't do too bad shaving them. After I re pickled them and shaved they still smelled bad so I just accepted my defeat and through the hides out in the trash. There was one hide that smelled too bad moths back that never made it into the pick so was no oxidized . I shaved that one pickled and tanned it. It too smelled like a seal after all the degreasiung and Dawn baths. I called the owner to tell him them were all going in the trash. as I had done my best and failed. So 5 days later I pull the last hide out of the tan and it doesn't smell bad. It smells of tanning formula. I thought that was odd so I go out to the trash can not thinking to highly about the other 3 hides as its been 5 day in the sun. They do not smell bad anymore They actually smell like dawn soap . So I might just throw they in some Lutan F.

    So my question is normal from pickle to tan . Is there any reason why i cant just tan them now . They are still not dried. Is there a time line for the pickle to tan timing????