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My First!!! Let's Try This Again...

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Catchaser, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. Catchaser

    Catchaser Sometimes you just have to laugh....

    Hey all, Here are some pics of my first mount. I tried to post this topic in another forum and got good feedback, but not enough, IMO. If you've already commented on it, I appreciate it and I apologize. I put this whitetail together and messed with him for about a week and a half. I know I probably took a little longer, but it was my first mount yet. I hope to only get better. Being this is the first animal that I've mounted, I'd appreciate any feedback on it. Any constructive criticism or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Paul

    I'm going for number 2 this coming week. I'll be doing a Pronghorn that I got a couple years ago. Gonna try a pedistal with habitat and the whole bit. Wish Me Luck !!!!
  2. KAMoHunter

    KAMoHunter Proud member of the WVTA

    pretty good, eyes look a little bit to closed but great job to start of with

  3. skypayne

    skypayne New Member

    I am by no means a taxidermy I learning myself but i would be pretty proud if my first looked like that.......I do agree that the eyes need a little work after looking at some reference pic's
  4. Uncle Harley

    Uncle Harley New Member

    OK I will say it..................I'm throwing the bullchit flag on this one. First mount ever? No help? If so take that as a compliment you are off to a great start. I agree with the eyes the shape in the lower back corner is off a little, but if it was for a customer they wouldn't notice and would love it anyways.
  5. rj9289

    rj9289 Buck the system, be an individual, be who you are.

    why do people always throw the "BS flag" ???
    so i will say this....PEOPLE HAVE TALENT
    but thats my opinion, anyway i think it looks good for your first! you may want to consider using a more fleshy color for the eyes...and i cant see a bottom lip, is it there?
  6. Russ of V.O.W.T

    Russ of V.O.W.T my Ken Edwards moment

    thats pretty tight if it really is your first, but your eyeshape is off, your earbutts are weak, and we need a close up of the nose to tell you anything about it, it looks like you painted it all one color, and that is not the correct process for a nose pad. for commerciall work, that is a very passive mount, and your customer would be happy 99 percent of the time. ;)
  7. HAPP

    HAPP Active Member

    For a first, it looks pretty darn good. Find some good reference pics. One thing I see is the ear butt shape needs help. Another is the overall eye (bad pic) shape, duct 'gland' shape and tuck. Again, get some ref.pics and study them.Mark S.
  8. Catchaser

    Catchaser Sometimes you just have to laugh....

    Thanks everyone for the critique and compliments. As for the BS flag, I will take it as a compliment because this is my first. The one thing that has helped me a lot is that my father has done some taxidermy and I have several friends that are taxidermists. The exposure and details that you can learn by watching someone firsthand is far better than watching a video or just winging it... Thanks for the advice from all. I will be studying more reference photos until the time I do my next. I'm starting a Pronghorn this week. It will be my first of this species doing it myself and I'm going to try to do a pedestal with some habitat.... Should be fun and an interesting experience...

  9. cedarhill

    cedarhill New Member

    Paul you are doing great!!!!!!!
  10. Badgerland

    Badgerland Quality taxidermy & quality deer capes.

    Nice job.
    In addition to what has been mentioned, I would use the reference pics to look closely at the subtle color shades a live deer has. Noses aren't black and the brown around the eye is fairly light and soft looking on a live deer. I will say though it is hard to give you a fair assessment of the nose with the pics you have posted.

    Keep on truckin' man, you'll only get better!
  11. Catchaser

    Catchaser Sometimes you just have to laugh....

    Yeah, I did paint the nose one solid color. I used a dark brown. I'll check out my pics... I appreciate all the comments.

  12. Catchaser

    Catchaser Sometimes you just have to laugh....

    Ryan, you can't see the bottom lip because I tucked it. I realize now that I should've left that little half-moon out. Thanks for your critique

  13. OutbackJack

    OutbackJack New Member

    Your buck looks really nice. The one thing that I noticed is the nose area. It appears that the paint looks heavy above the nose. Kudos Paul! great job!
  14. Catchaser

    Catchaser Sometimes you just have to laugh....

    Thanks OutbackJack, what part 'above the nose' are you refering to?? I'm gonna try to take a decent pic of the nose since some are wondering. I did paint it all one color, but if there's more, I'd like to hear it. Thanks again, Paul
  15. arrowed1

    arrowed1 New Member

    Very good mount..The couple things already mentioned would never be noticed by the customer base you hope to establish...The paint on the nose looks heavy as already stated,,I wish my first looked like that in 1973.Keep up the great work
  16. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Active Member

    New Member
    Posts: 47

    I hate moving....:(

    Whitetail Manakin Problem
    « on: November 24, 2008, 11:31:01 PM »
    I ordered a Mackenzie WT shoulder mount form for an eight piont that I shot. I took the eye to nose measurement when I caped out the head (along with the other measurements). I soaked the cape and went to pre fit it onto the form, and the neck of the form is too big and the face seems to be too small. It seems like the face is too slender... there's not enough material from the bridge of the nose to the throat. I had a lot of excess hide in the throat/bottom jaw area. Anybody have any suggestions? solutions? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


    **************************Things that make me say HMMMMM. Note the date, and the number of posts. You guys buying it, and its STILL wet? C'mon!
  17. Uncle Harley

    Uncle Harley New Member

    Bill go back and read reply # 3 LOL I didn't see anything where it said it was still wet, but the bins full of tools and what appear to be supplies in the background along with the quality of a "first" deer. Is why I threw the BS flag back then. That is why when I posted my first "solo" deer I described it exactly like that. The guys said his dad and some friends do taxidermy so I can believe this is his first "solo" deer but I'd bet ya a dollar to a horse turd he's helped out many times with his dad and friends.
  18. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Active Member

    Yes, he might not have mentioned wet deer, but the pronghorn was, etc. I noticed the bin of tools/materials, too. Its not so much that it is or isnt his first effort, or solo mount, just that something isnt adding up overall. The interaction with paralegal, too. The deer was decent, but most first efforts should be nowadays, given the materials they have in accurate forms, etc. His pronghorn was really good, though, by even the average guys standard too. That isnt my issue. Its just a hunch, let me leave it at that, LOL!
  19. Wildside

    Wildside Active Member

    Must be the humidity.....

    There is a mounted ram on the bench behind the fan, does that help?
  20. Uncle Harley

    Uncle Harley New Member

    don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!