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Ohio Taxidermists Association pics & award winners

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Heath Cline, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. Heath Cline

    Heath Cline Well-Known Member

    WOW !!! That is all I can say about this years convention !!! We had 232 entries this year which is the most we have ever had. We also had the most vendors ever this weekend with 33 vendors. I would personally like to thank the vendors for their continued support again.
    Here is a list of the award winners for this year and some pics from the show. Please forgive me if I misspell someones name or forget one.

    - OTA Best Amateur: Jim Summers WT Deer
    - OTA Best Hand Wrapped Body Award: Jeff Howle Beaver
    - Art Ledger Award for Best Pheasant: Jim Giggi
    - Starfish Award for Best Replica Fish: Don Patton Brook Trout
    - OTA Best Freeze Dried Award: Art Ledger Iguana
    - Polytranspar Award: Don Patton Brook Trout
    - Hilton Eppley Award: Chris Trout WT Deer
    - Walnut Creek Hardwoods Award: [Dennis Haris] Kudu / Waterbuck Pedistal
    - Al & Evelyn Holmes Award for Best Amateur Habitat: Brad Kin
    - OTA Best Professional Habitat: Casey Waterson Bluegills
    - OTA Best Masters Habitat: Brian Banbury Woodducks
    - Research Mannikins Award: Jim Summers
    - NWTF Award for Best Turkey: Dan Clark
    - OTA Presidents Award (small furbearer): Dennis Solon Fisher
    - Ohio Division of Wildlife Award: Casey Waterson Bluegills
    - Van Dyke Award: Brian Banbury
    - McKenzie Taxidermists Choice Awards: Whitetail Deer: Ed Piakowski Bird: Brian Banbury Lifesize Mammal: Dennis Haris Fish: Steve Jones
    - OTA Peoples Choice Awards: Lifesize Mammal: Dennis Haris/ Hyena Fish: Steve Jones / Saugeye Gameheads: Dennis Haris / Kudu
    Reptile: Ron Ball / Rattlesnake Bird: Brian Banbury / Woodduck
    - OTA Best Professional Lifesize Mammal: Dennis Haris / Hyena
    - OTA Best Professional Fish: Casey Waterson / Bluegills
    - OTA Best Professional Gamehead: Dennis Haris / Kudu
    - OTA Best Professional Reptile: Ron Hawkins / Snapping Turtle
    - OTA Best Professional Bird: Ryan Dolan / Woodduck
    - OTA Best Professional WT Deer: Dave Hyer
    - OTA Best All Around Taxidermist: Casey Waterson
    - WASCO Award: Dennis Haris / Hyenas
    - McKenzie Distinguished Service Award: Tina Strunk
    - OTA State Champion Medallion Winners: Fish: Don Patton / Brook Trout Lifesize Mammal: Ken Onken / WT Deer Bird: Dan Clark / Turkey
    Reptile: Ron Ball / Rattlesnake Gamehead: Dennis Ball / Elk WT Deer: Ed Piakowski

    Breakthrough Judges Best of Show: Ed Piakowski / WT Deer
  2. Heath Cline

    Heath Cline Well-Known Member

    more pics

  3. Heath Cline

    Heath Cline Well-Known Member

    more pics
  4. Heath Cline

    Heath Cline Well-Known Member

  5. Heath Cline

    Heath Cline Well-Known Member

    last ones for now
  6. Dawn

    Dawn Proud Members of the Mich Taxidermist Assoc

    You rock Ken - Congratulations!
  7. Steve W

    Steve W Member

    Wanted to say thanks to the OTA this year for putting on a great show!! The new venue in Amish country was a hit, especially for the wife and kids, and the hotel was first class.
    There was lots of great mounts, and many seminars to pass the day. Congratulations to all the big winners!
    My first ever entry received a Third, but I learned more than any video could ever teach me. Thanks to Brad Eppley for his critique and a big thanks to Doug Montgomery and Neil fowler for awnsering so many questions. Just talking to fellow taxidermist is worth becoming a member of your state association. Steve Wheeler
  8. nibjones

    nibjones Join your States Taxidermy Assoc.

    Looks like our Michigan Wolverines went down there and kicked some Buckeye tail! Congrats boys!
  9. CWP

    CWP Custom Hardwood Plaques

    well since they have no chance in football or any other sport, it is nice to see that "state up north" produce good taxidermy.

  10. CWP

    CWP Custom Hardwood Plaques

    HHBones and I were there today but i did not see you up there Heath, I was hoping to meet you as well as many others.
  11. mitchson1

    mitchson1 New Member

    nice mounts everyone
  12. timberlandtaxidermy

    timberlandtaxidermy Taxidermy Instructor NTA Certified Judge

    That kudu and waterbuck pedestal is awesome!
  13. jim tucker

    jim tucker Active Member

  14. Heath Cline

    Heath Cline Well-Known Member

    CWP, I was there. More than likely either Rod or Jim had me doing some of their work again. ;D That's all i get done doing, their work !!! ;D
  15. jim tucker

    jim tucker Active Member

    HDon't let him BS you.....he was sleeping in his truck.
  16. TOBY B

    TOBY B New Member

    Have to say for a newbie I had a GREAT time and learned alot Thank you all alot. You all know how to make a guy fell welcome in you association. I'll be there next year for sure Toby Burdette
  17. setters73

    setters73 New Member

    I got to say it was worth the four and a half hour drive one way.It was the first show i have been to and will not be the last .I learned so much from the seminars and with talking to people.Once again very nice show Jim and Heath,
  18. Wildside

    Wildside Active Member

    Great time and a great new location. We always seem welcome and included every year. Now I'm pumped up to get back to work. Maybe just to pay for everything I spent with the suppliers.
  19. Doug Motgomery

    Doug Motgomery Active Member

    Great time and great show......See ya next year. I Will put some pic up later that i have.
  20. ElkinsTaxidermy

    ElkinsTaxidermy www.ronelkinstaxidermy.com

    I'll post some later, too! Thanks to all involved for putting on a great show!