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need help with potential problem

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by after the shot, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. after the shot

    after the shot N.E.A.T. Board Member

    I knew that it was innevitable but hoped that it wouldnt happen. I just received a shipment of hides from a tannery and one is in rough shape. It has a 1"wide X 2" long horizontal bald spot on the side of the deer cape's muzzle. I have all my customers sign a contract that states that I am not responsible for the hides during the tanning process. If the spot wasnt so wide, I would just cut it out and sew it. I feel that if I make the repair, that I wont have enough skin to tuck the lips and the facial hair patterns will be off. I do have another cape(not suitable for mounting) with matching hair color that I could cut out a patch off of the face and patch the bald spot. I have done this on other areas but not he face Do you think that the facial hair is too short for such a repair?
    I could also cut and sew the area and order a form w/ a shorter eye to nose to give me a little more muzzle skin to work with. Should I bother with attempting any of these ideas or just get another cape and charge the customer. Any suggestions would be helpul.
    thank you.

    WILDLIFER " Damn Mini Flesher !"

    You could try and explain to the customer what happened,but he won't be happy no matter whos fault (you or tanner)it was.You could mount the head so the blemish is on the inside of the turn & less noticable & color the slip spot w/ air brush .I 've also have chopped up hair of the same color & used it like flocking to cover such areas- just coat the area lightly w/ glue and sprinkle chopped hair on it-let dry blow off excess...Hope any of these help!Its always a "Gut "wrenching feeling to have a customers Prize animal damaged in some way..Just recently my dog bit a piece of a huge 15 pt WT's nose off-while the client was still in my studio!!He didn't see it- but I about [email protected]$t my drawers..... ;D Does any one know of any good dog forms? :eek:

  3. bill@hogheaven

    [email protected] New Member

    I would try the patch from the other cape. If it doesnt work out then go for the new cape. Unfortunatley your customer will still blame you in the end if he has to go for a new cape.

    Wildlifer... dogs in a studio are a great idea arent they?

    WILDLIFER " Damn Mini Flesher !"

    YEP! The dog doesn't get in the studio anymore!!!!
  5. Missouri Creek Studio

    Missouri Creek Studio Black buck Walnut pedestal

    It has happened to al of us at one time or another. I can remember trying a new but well known tannery years ago. Sent them a small cinnamon phase bear in good condition. Came back looking liike a piece of swiss cheese..more hole than hide. I lucked out, the cliient had personal problems moved out of state and never paid the balance.
    My advice would be to eat your profit and get another cape. Trying to match the salt and pepper hair coloration and pattern would be tough on a face.
    If he is a good customer he wlll be satisfied and tell his friends how accomodating you are. I f he's unhappy..everyone is going to hear about it.... minus the fact that the slippage/bald spot was out of your control. Look at it this way, $100.00 spent on a replacement cape ..beats spending $500.00 on advertising if he bad mouths your repair job. It's a lot easier keep customers than it is to advertise and attract new ones.
    If you had a hunch that the cape may pose a problem before tanning and had pointed it out to him, thats another scenario.
  6. after the shot

    after the shot N.E.A.T. Board Member

    Thanks for your replies. It looks like I may try the patch and if it doesnt look good I'll just have to get another cape