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Any EMT's that are also taxidermist?

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Bowman, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Bowman

    Bowman New Member

    If you are...how do you like it????
  2. jbnf

    jbnf New Member

    Not a certified EMT but am a trained First Responder. The taxidermy part has helped with that sick feeling you sometimes get from the medical calls. Although some the med. calls can be worse than a decaying animal. ;D

  3. jklaus

    jklaus New Member

    just a fireman but we run medical calls does that count :)
  4. DavidB

    DavidB Member

    Been an EMT/Paramedic now for 17 yrs....still going strong
  5. dotlodge

    dotlodge New Member

    retired fire dispatcher, 31 yrs east lansing,mi (msu basketball-spartans)
  6. fishmedic

    fishmedic R.I.P. Alli !

    I've been an EMT since 1996 and now work in the medical department of a poultry processing plant. The job of an EMT or any emercency personnel is very challenging because no two calls are the same but yet it is gradifying to know that you helped or tried to help someone regardless of the outcome! ;)
  7. gasman1

    gasman1 The Big One Almost Got Away

    hey yall, I'm new at this but i was in ems for 26 years,commander of local rescue for 16 years however i now work for the state of n.c
  8. fishmedic

    fishmedic R.I.P. Alli !

    Welcome aboard!
  9. I spent 9 years in professional baseball as an athletic trainer before i decided to hang it up and begin taxidermy. I had always thought about becoming a paramedic but had never had the time to take the courses. I really quickly realized how much I missed dealing with injuries and the excitement so I took my paramedic courses and love every minute of it.
  10. Jimmy Rimrock

    Jimmy Rimrock Yeah, they come to snuff the rooster

    EMT/Firefighter, I sort of did this backwards as I was a taxidermist for years before starting as a Vol FF, then getting my EMT Basic and then getting hired into a career FF position. Lot of people who work in Public Safety get into taxidermy as a side job because the work schedule gives them a lot of free time.
  11. dugout

    dugout Winners are just losers who never quit.

    I've been an EMT for 13 years,and a taxidermist for 3 years,and I love both occupations!
  12. cwt

    cwt Active Member

    I was an EMT /firefighter but did like the it so i gave it up
  13. Bowman

    Bowman New Member

    Thanks folks......I'm registering for EMT classes and just wondering. I'm an adrenalin junkie and love working with meds, etc (pharma for a number of years). Thought it would be a good fit.
  14. Craig W

    Craig W New Member

    I'm a 24hr paid firefighter/EMT.I was doing taxidermy fulltime and fire dept volunteer but got hired a couple years.I still might as well be fulltime taxidermy.There is plenty of work right now and I'm out there all the time when I'm not at the station.
  15. Paramedic since May of 1990, still going strong....
  16. KStovall

    KStovall New Member

    Been a paid FF EMT-I for 19 years.
  17. steewrestler

    steewrestler Member

  18. jeremy

    jeremy Have you hugged your snake today!

    Paramedic/FF for 16 years... Started in 1990 as EMT B/FF 13 years left, BABY yaaah
  19. Apruitt

    Apruitt New Member

    Paramedic/F.F. for 3yrs, works out great, get work on my days off, It keeps me busy.
  20. hidvalltax

    hidvalltax Dont travel faster than your guardian angel can go

    I have been a RN in ER for 13 years really miss it but enjoying my 2 sons oldest is now a paramedic and youngest is an emt and starting firefighters academy in june the youngest is my taxi partner