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Discussion in 'Beginners' started by hounddoggy, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. hounddoggy

    hounddoggy New Member

    My teacher told me i had to have a federal lisence to do turkey.Is this true?THey are not listed as a migratory bird! Im in n.c.
  2. scpol

    scpol Wholesale Bird Taxidermy....Fan of Mike & Harry

    Honest to god, you need a new teacher :-\ ::)

  3. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    I'll second that.
  4. Mr.T

    Mr.T New Member

    Are you sure he didn't say "lessons" instead of Federal License?
  5. PacWest

    PacWest Active Member

    Let me be the first to say this, your teacher sucks. I am sorry to hurt feelings, but if you are being accurate with your reports, he/she sucks. Bad.
  6. hounddoggy

    hounddoggy New Member

    hahahahahahahahha.......guys he taught me ya know? Im a single full time dad and cant afford school so im grateful to him for what ive learned and he does have a strong biz.

    Why he told me i need a federal permit is beyond me. I wishh i could learn from you guys!!!I do learn from you all and thanks,really!

    SO..........i dont need a federal permit for turkeys right? yall made me laugh and i want to agree with yall on ALOT yall say but out of respect for "him" i will zip my lip!
  7. nibjones

    nibjones Join your States Taxidermy Assoc.

    I second that, You need a new teacher!
  8. hounddoggy

    hounddoggy New Member

    Brian when can I show up.......I'll sit in the corner,wont say a word and ill sweep the shop! My girl just said that teach may realize i have talent and may be trying to "sidetrack " me.He doesnt do birds or fish so maybe he doesnt want me to(A compotition type thing maybe???)

    Hey guys check out my coyote and critique it.pics are not the best but see what ya think(as soon as i learn to post a photo)
  9. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    If you can't figure it out just ask your teacher ::)
  10. scpol

    scpol Wholesale Bird Taxidermy....Fan of Mike & Harry

    That will be next semester :-\
  11. Good Lord!!!! The madness never ends does it????

    TIM DUNCAN surry county va

    not where i am it is time for new teacher
  13. scpol

    scpol Wholesale Bird Taxidermy....Fan of Mike & Harry

    There ya go Hounddoggy. Either you spend a weekend with Mr.T or George. ;D ;D
  14. EA

    EA Well-Known Member

    April Fools !! ......right ? :-\
  15. Mr.T

    Mr.T New Member

    Sure thing, my address is
    7165 Barnard Mill Road.
    Wonderlake Ill. 60097

    Come on up for a week hounddoggy, bring the whole fam damily!
  16. scpol

    scpol Wholesale Bird Taxidermy....Fan of Mike & Harry

    ROTFLLLLLLLLLMAO ;D ;D :-* :-* Dont you have to go watch reruns of Dancing with
    the stars Paul?? ;D ;D
  17. tviper56

    tviper56 Active Member

    I agree that it must be an April Fools joke. C'mon, if it is true you need a new teacher.
  18. Damn good teacher, and what part of Migratory Waterfowl is a turkey? Google it.
  19. Becky P

    Becky P One must believe the glass is half full.

    Sounds like your teacher needs a teacher.
  20. hounddoggy

    hounddoggy New Member

    Let me ask you this.....Do any of you feel that maybe he doesnt want me to learn turkeys???Maybe he has decided to keep the biz going and doesnt want me to offer a service that he doesnt.He doesnt take in turkeys anymore and sends folks elsewhere.

    YEAH right what part of migratory waterfowl is a turkey!!!hahahaha....i feel dumb having asked the question!ya trust what people say though ya know?Oh well....you guys/gals set me straight!!

    Afriend killed his first tom with his bow.He planned to let me do it probono(cost only) for the practice.I had hoped my teacher would help me learn turkeys with this one!That was what he had said in the past.Oh well.......................