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Just got back from the Louisiana Convention & Comp

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by whitetail94, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. whitetail94

    whitetail94 New Member

    I just made it back home from the show. This was my first competition and show to attend, I had a blast. I went to several great seminars and meet a lot of great people. Brent and all the board members of the LTA made a new member feel right at home.
    I entered two deer into the Pro division and I'm very happy with my first comp. Mr. Randy Bateman was the judge for whitetails and he was a great help in explaining how and what to do to fix my problem areas. The main thing that I heard him say on every critique I heard him give was, REFERENCE, REFERENCE, REFERENCE. Learn how to read it and use it. I will be doing a better job on that starting this week. Here are pictures of the mounts that I entered.
    This is a deer that I killed this year, scored an 87 with him. I put a little extra in the ear butts on this one, I tried pre-sculpting them with epoxy sculpt.
    This one I have put in GHOTW before, I went last Sunday and picked him up from my customer, Scored an 82 with him.
    Again, I had a great time and can't wait for next year. If you are not a member of your states association, I strongly recommend that you join. It's a great way to better yourself.
  2. Congrats on doing well! ;)

  3. Great job Micheal!
  4. whitetail94

    whitetail94 New Member

    Thanks guys.
  5. ElkinsTaxidermy

    ElkinsTaxidermy www.ronelkinstaxidermy.com

    Great job. Now the pressure is off.
  6. cj

    cj Member

    any more pics
  7. whitetail94

    whitetail94 New Member

    Yea I have a few more pictures, not of all the mounts but of most. I was wanting to want to see if anybody else would put them up. If no more are on here by tomorrow evening, I down load and post what I have. There were a couple of people that really done well.
  8. I want to say Congratulations to Michael for all his Hard work and dedication to whitetail Deer Mounting. Michael attended my School of Instruction Last March a year ago and he took with him the knowledge and skills it takes to mount up a really nice deer head. I thoroughly go through the basics of deer head mounting when someone comes to my school and when they leave here they are actually sick and tired of me preaching these basics that it actually sticks with most of the students that come here. So, all of my students will tell you that when they get home they have a pretty good understanding on what it takes to do Quality work and with these skills they build upon them because I impress upon them that they must be able to read reference accurately in order to do high quality work and I also instruct them on how to read these reference. I also impress upon them that Ribbons mean nothing but get involved in competing because it's a learning process in it's own.

    So, Michael I can say that I am really proud of you because in such a small time frame (one year) you have achieved something that a lot of guys haven't got in years or never and you did it all on your own through proper skills, dedication and just old plain hard work. Congratulation again!

    John Griffith
    Stearns, Ky
  9. RDA

    RDA Well-Known Member

    indeed KUDOS on your results and first show....Only the start of many to come, I would bet!! Very good way to Start, and Good Teaching Mr. Griffith! ;)
  10. Cole

    Cole Amateur Taxidermist

    Congrats, the deer look great, and they look even better with ribbons hanging from them! You and your teacher should both be proud.
  11. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    I like the black faced, double pacthed cape. You don't see that everyday. Congrats on the show.
  12. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    Nice job, I like your deer and I like ur attitude even better!!! Congrats
  13. brigham boy

    brigham boy "if it's horny, mount it"

    good looking mounts
  14. whitetail94

    whitetail94 New Member

    Thanks Mr. T, Cole, and RDA for your kind words.
    Mr. John, you are truly an awesome instructor. You know how to teach your techniques and many years of experience in ways that a person with zero experience can learn to mount a deer. Mr. John, I can honestly say that you teach more than the basics. I never thought that on my first mount I would be shown how alter a form. I'm glad that you did, because I have had to do that on a few of the ones that I've mounted so far.
    I remember last year looking at all your students work on your post about your school. I kept thinking I just hope that my mounts will look half that good. I PMed your students that had been to you before and they expressed to me that my mounts would look like that. Those first 2 mounts are hanging in my shop right now and everyone that comes in comments on them. You teach high quality work. I have said this in past post about your school, but it took years off the learning curve for me. Those three days flew by and I was headed back to Louisiana to see if I could do it on my own. My first on my own wasn't as good as what I brought back with me but I don't think that it was that bad either.
    If any one is on here looking for some awesome one on one instruction I strongly recommend Big John.

    Thanks again everyone and Mr. T, that dark faced double throat patched 8pt had a great cape. He was killed the first part of October last year here in Northeast Louisiana so he had short hair. But here in Louisiana even during the winter months our deer don't really thick coats on them like the northern deer do. My deer was killed 12/23/08 and I was still able to get good detail from him.

  15. I have been a member of the LA association for several years and was there this weekend and saw Michaels deer, his pics do not do them justice as the deer look much better than the pics show, congrats Michael, glad to see the newer members doing such good work and placing at the show, and keep that good attitude and you will do better with each mount.
  16. whitetail94

    whitetail94 New Member

    Thinks James, I had a blast, I will definitely be there again next year.
  17. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Both deer are good, but that 1st one rocks!!
  18. cedarhill

    cedarhill Member

    Congrats thats a great looking mount!!
  19. ed150

    ed150 deer city time

    congrads :) :)
  20. Carls1

    Carls1 New Member

    Great looking work wt94, congrats!