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Took a 7 3/4 pound brown out of the pond today

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Cecil, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    Not a flaw on it. 22 1/2 inches. Sure wish I knew where the wife put the diigital camera. &*^%$#@!

    Took pics with a regular camera though. Hope to have some nice reference pics to post soon. Three or four more pics left on the roll of film.

    What amazes me is I planted this fish last fall at not over 3 lbs. probably closer to 2 lbs! It was the first planting for that pond so it can't be a holdover.

    God I love those colors and that big hook jaw! :eek:

    For those of you that have brooks and browns reserved I'm hard at work catching them ;D and will contact you when I have the freezer full. The rest will be posted on this site as first come first serve.

    Took a 17 1/2 inch brook out of the pond today too just under 3 lbs.
  2. Bruce Foster

    Bruce Foster Guest

    Cecil......can I come fishing at your place?

  3. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    ;D ;D ;D
  4. Bruce Foster

    Bruce Foster Guest

    ::) ::) ::)..Cecil.....ever head of poaching?...........GW's father loves to fish!
  5. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    Send 'em out Bruce. If he disappears I won't allow them to dredge the pond until I get all the trout out.
    ;D ;D ;D

    BTW what's he doing with his hands in that pic and why are you smiling? :D

    Keep in mind that comment was just in fun. No offense meant.
  6. Rick Krane

    Rick Krane Fish Taxidermist/ Judge/ Sculptor/ Instructor

    Man Cecil!

    I got to hand it to you! Now if I could get out there you know I would Maybe next year? I'll tell you I wouldn't get any work done! Good for you Man! For that matter I've never caught a Brown that big!

    My Best!

    Rick Krane
  7. Bruce Foster

    Bruce Foster Guest

    No offence taken Cecil.....GW is reaching into his pocket to get his cell phone to tell the FBI,CIA,DEA,SS,Navy Seals,Airforce, Army and Marines, to get the Big Black Car Pool together......we're all headed to Indiana for some fishing....oops, add some more limos....he just invited Condie, Rumsfeld, GW Jr.........sorry Cheney couldn't make it.......he's quail hunting.......I'm LMAO, cause they are going to catch all your fish, and won't have to pay you for them.......maybe you could get your tax issue settled while their there.......just a though ;D ;D ;D
  8. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    Oh wow Bruce a dream come true! I can eliminate the whole administration in one foul swoop. I'll get the IED's set up at the pond. When the dog barks tomorrow night whawoom whoom! You shouldn't come though -- I like ya. ;D

    Any way to can convince Deadeye Dick Cheney to come? I'm sure I can scramble up some lawyers for him to hunt with. I wouldn't want this to be an incomplete mission ya know. ;)

  9. Bruce Foster

    Bruce Foster Guest

    Sorry Cecil......its Friday, and Cheney is headed to his new home in St. Micheal's, Md........Rumsfeld owns a home there too.....look it up.......life is good!...ha ha......gee, the damn big blue choppers that are so shinny and new looking, fly right over my house on the landing decent......I think even you, all the way from Indiana help pay for chopper fuel...and just think......each one gets their own chopper...they land at the Inn at Perry Cabin.......and love to eat at the Bistro in St. Micheal's.......I did a big Striper for the owner, so I guess I'm getting closer to the inner circle......now, right around the corner on Bloody Point ( Black beards old hang out), lives Greta Van Sustern and her DC lawyer husband.....I saw her in Food Lion, pushing a shopping cart that the wheels go in all different directions.......in the cheese isle yet.......we just had our county voting........here is a picture of one of the choices...I voted for him........he surely is a visionary campaining at an elementary school........they needed extra security to keep the 4th graders from voting......do you wear cowboy hats in Indiana?yippy I O ki aah!
  10. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member


    I guess your pic disappeared for security reasons eh? ;)

    Nope no cowboy hats here. We're not that far west on the other side of Ohio. BTW I was a Masshole once so I'm not that foreign to the east coast. ;D

    Edit: I see it now. So did he win? ;D
  11. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    Here's a pic of the brown. Sorry reference pics will have to wait until I get the roll of film developed. This pic was taken with the digital when the wife got home several hours later. Had 'em semi frozen until then so the colors were better whe he was fresh.

    Gonna mount 'em up for myself. Could have kicked myself for selling an almost 12 pounder a couple of years ago. :mad:

    Oh yeah and I'm expecting someone to make fun of the way I look. ::)

    Hey you brown trout specialists: Notice the tail is fully spotted? Not very common with browns but not unheard of either. Funny thing is my state DNR says the way you tell a rainbow from a brown is a brown has NO spots on it's tail. Yeah right. ::)

  12. crankin

    crankin New Member

    that is one nice lookin brown!! after your comment about the spotted tail i went and looked at some of the browns i have in the freezer, the 3lb inland had no spots, and 3 of the lake michigan browns were half spotted, but one a (19lber) had no spots on his tail.
  13. JL

    JL Taxidermist for 64 years

    You can tell a Masshole no matter what he has in his hands...LOL
  14. Richard C

    Richard C Well-Known Member

    I guess JL won't be going fishing with you and I and Rick next summer.
  15. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    Hell no! But I'll be glad to send him a big brown from the dog anytime. ;)