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Mule Deer Pictures (please critique)

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by elk74, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. It worked this time feel free to critique or comment about my work! Any input would be helpful. thanks
  2. jasonb

    jasonb I think I'll keep her

    Your nose skin is not tucked right, It is hard to explain without showing you but when you see it done you will be amazed at the differance.

  3. Badgerland

    Badgerland Quality taxidermy & quality deer capes.

    I see a few a things that could be better. First, the ears are not positioned right. They appear to stick out too far from the head and also a little too far back. Second I see the brisket is off center, and may be a little too far down. I agree that the nose could have been tucked a little better. The color inside the nose is perhaps a little too bright, it could be toned down with some flesh color sprayed lightly. The other area I see room for improvement is the color around the eyes. The color should be a lighter/softer brown. It doesn't look bad the way it is, just could be a little lighter.

    Just a few little tweaks here and there on your next one. Over all this is a good mount. I'd like to see your next one.
  4. thanks jasonb and badgerland for your input.jasonb i think i know what you mean about the nose skin,the little white/grey hairs should not be outside of the nostril on the front ,nose pad area.after the mount was dry i relized that i had done that area wrong.in otherwords the pad skin should go right to the nostril, i think thats what you meant if not please correct me.badgerland thank you for pointing out the other issues as well, all very helpfull and will surely help me in the future i see now that the brisket is a little off center and i wasnt sure about the innernose color thank you for the pointers.i probly wont be doing another deer for a while but i do have a bobcat and a few other prodjects to mount in the near future i will post when finished thanks again.