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Ruffled Back Feathers Help Needed ?????????????

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by LOCKED-UP, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. I need some help with the back feathers.....It seems like everytime that I do a mount I run into the same problem...that being that I have an issue with the back feathers being ruffled up from putting the form in and sewing the breast incision....I think it happens from moving the mount around on the table as I am working...as it is laying on its back during this time. Does anyone have any tips that I could use to eliminate this issue? Thanks to all who can offer a helping hand

    LOCK 'em UP

  2. Newmarx

    Newmarx Nice Rainbow Rich!!

    Jonn,try using a soft cloth or towel,I use one of those ShamWow towels to work on they seem to keep the feathers from getting messed up...good luck! ~Rich

  3. Never thought of that .... I tend to make things more difficult that what is needed....Sometimes its as simple as that...duh!

    Again, thanks alot I can see how this would help so much as the towel will be moving around on the table and the feathers will stay still on the towel...

    Great help advice

    LOCK 'em UP

  4. You can also blow dry the feathers again and they will go back.
  5. Skip Miller

    Skip Miller New Member

    A few things comes to mind for this issue.

    The first being the foam body size. If it's too big those back feathers will not lay properly no matter how much you groom it. The white down will always come through.

    Make sure that you are fleshing the skin well enough in this area. It is a very difficult area to get without burning a hole. There is a thin layer of fat and membrane there that needs to come off so the feather can layer properly.

    Make sure the skin is washed and rinsed very well so the feather do shingle properly.

    If all this is done well and still having the issue try laying your bird down on a plastic bag so when you do spin it around you spin the bag and not the bird. I use this technique when skinning, plus my work bench top is very smooth.

    I hope this helps.