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any taxidermy schools in IL

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by FIREPHIGHT, Apr 25, 2009.


    FIREPHIGHT New Member

    can not find any schools close they are all to far north or west any help?
  2. Patrick J

    Patrick J You've got me mistaken for someone else

    Go to www.google.com and type "Illinois taxidermy school" in the search bar. 19,500 posts show up and the first page has, looks to be 2 different schools

  3. zubba

    zubba Active Member

    Are you looking for a school as in a week/semester course? Or one on one training? I trained one on one with a taxidermist from Illinois, I'm not sure if he still does training, but let me know if your interested and I can find out. I would highly highly recommend him.

    FIREPHIGHT New Member

    I am from around the St.louis area. a one on one would be the best
  5. Memory Maker

    Memory Maker New Member

    Is west Burlington,Iowa to far away.Kindred spirits is a great school.Check out web sight under schools
  6. Wegner

    Wegner New Member

    Wegner's School of Taxidermy is just over the Wis. Ill. line and it is a one on one school i am aloud 5 students but most of the time it is only one student at a time. Why because i let the students pick the week or weeks that fit there schedule. Go to schools her and you can see my new school and that good taxidermy dose pay of. wegnersschooloftaxidermy.com I have my school catalog on my web site. I have several reference if interested. 608-868-4022
  7. dsmith983

    dsmith983 New Member

    I realize this post is late, but I am not in a habit of checking forums. I just returned from another course at the Wegner School of Taxidermy in Janesville (Milton) WI. Ron is a very competent instructor and, if you take a drive to see him, his works speaks for itself. I have never seen his equal in my area for attention to detail.
    I take one course each year (have a regular job) and drive from Ohio for his training. I do not plan to attend another school and highly recommend his. I am sure there are plenty of good schools, but I am very comfortable learning from Ron. The price is affordable and his shop is extremely comfortable to work in. If you follow his instructions and use the same tools at your home, you will find learning taxidermy as easy as I have. I purchased one of his vacuum tanners and am very pleased with its performance (Sorry...shameless plug I know, but I have alot of respect for Ron) Also, to speak about the one on one training, I would not have it any other way. I am not the "wait your turn to have a question answered type." Lastly, when you are school shopping like I was three years ago, find out if all of your supplies i.e. manaquins, eyes, earliners, blades, hide paste etc. are included. If you ask enough questions, you will probably find as I did, Wegner's School is the best deal.
  8. still life taxidermy

    still life taxidermy New Member

    If you are willing to go to Wisconsin you should really go to American Institute of Taxidermy. I went there and was very pleased. I enjoyed my classes very much. If you are interested the website for the school is www.americantaxidermy.com.