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stop rot and krowtann compatible?-my answer

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by machine gun man, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. YES- ran into a cape that was looking like it couldnt take much handling. hair was pulling out with little effort and starting to slip. I split lips, eyes, nose, ears quickly as i could as well as any rough fleshing applying stop rot as i went. I was concerned how it would effect the krowtan process but decided, what the hell because i had a spare cape if it was a loss. everything turned out fine. hair locked in at 4 days in solution. cant even hardly make a hair come out now by. tug all u want. just in case anyone ever worried over the same thing...
  2. j davis

    j davis New Member

    i also use krowtann , just had same problem, but i thought i was supposed to use stop slip, which i did...... worked ok i guess, sounds like you had better luck with the stop rot............... so what is the stop slip for? if the stop rot seems to work better ??? ??? which one do all you prefer stop rot or stop slip.. :)