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Discussion in 'Habitat and Exhibit' started by stargazer644, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. just a quick post to follow up on a very useful and simplified method showing how to make a octagon base. Posted on 23 march by CRITTER. Pure brilliance!
    Any chance of a similar post on making a HEXAGON, I am a UK based taxidermist and have been thinking about producing my own bases.
    Any info much appreciated. Wishing you well. Stargazer644
  2. Critter

    Critter New Member

    WOW!! Didnt know it would have that much inpact on someone, and thank you very much, im humbled!! ;) The way to do a Hexagon is as simple. do as follows. Just saying your base is going to be 16"X 40" ..make your cardboard/posterboard square 16"X16" do your X from corner to corner and punch your center hole. Now on your wood base measure over 16" from each side mark it and draw a line top to battom on both ends giving you on each end, an imaginary 16"X16" square. measure your halfway points on 4 sides of the squares on both ends on your plywood, witch in this case will be half of 16"===8" and make your cross with your pencil and drill holes at center points on both sides. Lay your cardboard under one end, insert your pivot nail, rotate your cardboard until lines match, use your straight edge to mark cut lines and repeat on other end. Its the same, other than you only mark two cut lines instead of four. 2 per side!! this will give you three equal sides on both ends plus your long two sides. Let me know if this does not explain it better. and thank you again and i wish you the best in your base making buisness. :)