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strangest or rarest thing in your skull collection

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by longnthetooth47, May 8, 2009.

  1. Sekar

    Sekar New Member

    I've got a neat human skull with a calvarian cut that my dad gave to me on the day I graduated from University. He obtained it about 40 years ago when he went through medical school, and now passed it on to me. I can foresee this becoming some strange family heirloom :p

    Other than my huge alligator skull that was an anniversary present from my boyfriend, my favorite has to be my collection of La Brea bones. None of these are skulls, but it's a really neat assortment of random bones and teeth, with quite a few vertebrae, that were dug out of the La Brea tar pits in 1903. There's some coyote, horse, dire wolf, smilodon, and giant sloth bones. I was lucky enough to just be browsing through some random antique mall when I noticed this vendor had this giant collection of bones with original collection tags from the 1900's. Turns out the guy whose collection this was, was the man who dug then out of the tar pits. He had died a few years ago and his wife wanted to just get rid of them, so she gave them to this dealer to sell. I got my whole collection for about $120, and there are a lot of bones!
  2. JRose

    JRose Member


  3. AH7

    AH7 New Member

    Don't let this thread die!
  4. I don't know how to post pictures but I've got a big 17in long grizzly skull, several deformed deer and a ground hog with teeth growing back into it's head. Along with countless outher species of animals with abnormalities.
  5. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Put your pictures up on Photobucket. It is free and easy. Then you can link the URLs to those pictures here. It is what I do and it works great.
  6. Sounds to complicated I'm doing good just to put post on here and send emails.
  7. East Russian Dagestan Turs. I have two world class ones. One on the skull has both horns over 40", is approx 31" widest spread, horns curl way around behind the head and tip to tip is 10". Bought this from a SCI scorer a few years back and he said it would be #6 if in the book at that time. He also said it would be one of only two in the book that had both horns over 40"
    The other one is in perfect shape shoulder mount. Widest spread is about 33 " It looks like a monster. I have never seen two anywhere , even online that compare to these. Also bought this one from the same person and he said if entered at that time it would be #12. Both are very heavy since this is a solid horn animal and very rare also.
    http://skull-cleaning.com/ My website gallery page has pictures of both of them Sorry, don't know how to post that on here. They can be seen by any of you who may be interested
    My question is whenever that day comes around and I decide to sell, how do I go about determining a price. The rarer the animal the less of a track record there is to go by. Almost like selling a rare painting. I will just wait until that very very serious collector comes along and give me an offer i can't refuse because he will not be able to match these anywhere. Or to find one on a skull. I expect this to be the only one I will ever see on the skull, and probable for you too. Please any thoughts on this would be great as I am talking to a well informed group here. Thank YOu for looking and giving me your thoughts on the subject. Skullery....Jeff
  8. AH7

    AH7 New Member

    Hi Jeff,

    Nice website and great skulls!

    You have three problems with valuation of your skulls: the first you know already - these are rare things and it is nearly impossible to do comparison shopping on something like this! The second problem is related to that: it is hard to find a collector that would really place a high value on something this rare. That task alone could take years - though posting on a site like this is a great start. I would also recommend contacting some key collectors like the people at skulls unlimited. Jay might have a customer interested in one or both of those specimens.

    The third problem is your hardest: you love these specimens and I fear that you value them more than someone else might. They are rare, but they have the exact same value as anything else: only as much as someone is willing to pay for it! If something is rare, it may be rarely sought. If you value it because it is rare, then you'll rarely find a buyer who values it as much as you do. In this economy, things like this seldom bring more than 80% of their top value a few years ago.

    Good luck. Other people on here may be able to suggest other dealers to contact about something like this.
  9. Great Skulls. Thanks alot, you seem to have alot of experience and wisdom. This is what I was seeking , needing others collectors perspective on this. Hard to determine value when I have only been bouncing it around in my head. Hope someothers will chime in too with any thoughts regardless of their expertise, nice to just talk it up with some great people who understand where I am coming from. Skullery
  10. AH7

    AH7 New Member

    No worries. I love talking about rare skulls! I collect data at the American Museum of Natural History and the Smithsonian all the time and it is like another world: thousands of red wolf skulls, a dozen pandas, subspecies of pumas that are long extinct, but then you get to talking to the private collectors and things like this are ridiculously rare. I really have to separate the two worlds in my head.
  11. Great Skulls. That sounds like Skull Heaven if there ever was such a place. I was just trying to see what the world record spotted hyena was but could not find any info that way unless I joined sci. Anyone have any idea what a big one is, I know they run quite a bit bigger than the striped hyena. If you know could you also include measurements if available. Thanks Gang!! Skullery
  12. I got some two headed calfs , several pigs with extreme deformations, double headed pig, just picked up a double headed lamb ( 2 necks, 2 heads and 1 body )

    I will try to get pics and post them here...

  13. Oh, dear..

    Literally, the only skulls I have are a damaged devil/button buck deer, barn cat & skunk with abcessed tooth on lower jaw.

    My skunk is my favorite due to it's 'owie'..

    We just buried a VERY old cow of mine that died of old age, so old that her teeth had been worn down to literally NOTHING. Keep in mind she wasn't really 'mine-mine', I just cared for her for the landlord. Her last few months I felt horrible, I saw her starting to bloat and go down hill but the landlord insisted she was fine.. I set up an appointment for her regardless but was too late. Died the morning the vet was to come. Purebred red limousin, oldest female we had and her sister I'm thinking will be next. :/

    I use to have a great dane skull, which I have given to Zhon/Lee as his permanent retirement home. Came off my nine year old dane that died due to a bloated/flipped stomach & in general, just old age.

    Picture of my dane skull, we didn't clean him properly & he was buried in legit red clay so he was stained, I thought it gave him a neat 'feel' - matched his unique personality while he was alive. Also, his skull measured about twelve or so inches. Big boy, and a nice skull/head on him for a dane, too!
    And yes, while he was with us we displayed him on a legit silver plater. I almost kept him - we were going to make a velvet pillow with his name on it and a glass dome type case LOL but, I just felt he wasn't being displayed like he should have. I felt he needed to be loved on more, and travel a bit. He went to a friend before I got him back and sent him to Lee.

    I'm soon to have my Malamute's skull - as we have to put him down due to health problems.. he won't let us look in his mouth but by the looks of his teeth he's well over 6 while the humane society said he was only 3 (my ass, they don't know ANYTHING I swear). I'm looking into buying some beetles to clean any further 'raw' skulls I get, though..

    While Patch was neat.. I sorta felt bad I didn't know how to make him top quality.

    I'm still looking for my dream skull - a roman nosed draft horse. I want one with a serious roman nose, but I don't think I'll be getting that anytime soon.​
  14. Iv got a 120 lb akita and a 6 lb rat terrier that i love.But when they die,theyre going in my collection also.Iv got a Red healer skull from one i used to have.She was a great dog too.
  15. lizardguts

    lizardguts skull collector

    Oh I would love to have a huge Dane skull

    I would never be able to clean or keep my own pets' bones, they're like my children
  16. AH7

    AH7 New Member

    I'm not too keen on domestic species, but I would like a dane and a pug or boxer. I'd also like one of those flat-faced cat breeds.

    I've never cleaned a pet, but my brother-in-law is a vet and he put down one of his dogs. He wants to bury it at his mother's house a few states away, but has no plans to drive it up there. Instead, he keeps it in the freezer at the clinic and pets him and says good morning every time he opens for business. Yes, he is a weird dude.
  17. I know what you mean about the domestics.My healer skull was cleaned by nature.Iv never cleaned a Domestic either,but plan to with these.I love my dogs,they sleep at the foot of the bed.And my Akita goes to work with me regurarly.But besides him having a big,cool skull with a nice crest,id like to have something to remember him by.Yeah,sounds weird.
  18. I know it warned me this is an old thread, but I'm relatively new here and in my opinion, this thread is too cool to die! But I didn't want to reanimate it without actually contributing so I waited till I had something I thought was decent enough to post. Anyways, I recently acquired this guy. Kudos to anyone who can correctly guess what it is.


    I'll give you a hint... it's probably not what you think it is and the second pic is the only way you'd know it! :) I'll be interested to see if anyone figures it out. I'll admit, it took me forever and I already thought I knew what I was looking at! Anyways, I'm new to all of this, so it may not be awesome compared to cloud leopards and whales, but I'm plenty happy.
  19. lizardguts

    lizardguts skull collector

    Looks exactly like a hyena to me

    I agree with you - this thread is one of my favorites =)
  20. Well trouble 667,...at first glance, I'd say it was a hyena.

    But second guessing myself, It could be one of hundreds of different dog breeds.

    Maybe a pitbull? Just a guess, or two...I suck at this game. ha!

    With some reasearch, another member could probably hit it dead on.