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Fur keeps falling out! Help ):

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by dogisdead, May 14, 2009.

  1. dogisdead

    dogisdead New Member

    Hey everyone, I'm having some problems with rodents (obtained as frozen reptile food). I am curing the pelts with salt, and then rehydrating them in order to egg/brain tan them (using eggs due to lack of brains right now - haha pun). However, when I wash them (in a little borax and soapy water), the fur starts falling out. Is it the borax? Its really frustrating! Or perhaps I am scraping the pelts too hard?
  2. OutbackJack

    OutbackJack Member

    First off were these rodents dead for a while or fresh? Here is a trick that will make it easier. Go to your hardware store and buy some denatured alcohal. Try skinning it out and scrape of the heavy areas. Then throw it in the alcohal for 20-30 minutes. Then wring it out and the excess will tear off w/ ease. Proceed with cleaning and then you should be ready to mount it.

    The reason the hair could be falling out is due to bacteria growth. If its been dead for a while and nothing has been done to it (freeze) will cause the hair to slip or fall out. Hope it helps.

  3. samantha

    samantha New Member

    I have also used denatured alcohol, it has worked for me. It toughens up the skin.
  4. borax and soapy water and heat is the problem, plus the rodent food they may not be fresh.