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Do you do both eyes on a standard mount?

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Trophy Specialist, May 19, 2009.

  1. I do both eyes

    104 vote(s)
  2. I only do one eye on the show side

    30 vote(s)
  1. FishArt

    FishArt Well-Known Member

    Ironically, I just delivered a LM Bass and my customer picked it up and turned it to the back and said "Yeah, this one only had one eye"!!! I had forgotten that the fish had a pirate patch on when I had skinned it out months before. My customer was all happy that I replicated that defect - lol! (TRUE story btw!!!)
  2. Harum

    Harum Active Member


  3. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Cole, you're absolutely correct and it was improper for me not to apologize to you as well. I SCREWED UP. I can read, I just had a preconceived notion of WHAT I was reading and got stupid. Sorry.

    LMAL @ Gary. I understand my place in the food chain and the only spot on the list is a bit below whale crap, so I don't think one could conscientiously accuse me of being egotistical. What I AM however, is someone who intends on being the conscious of this industry. All up and down the food chain, it is a requisite that we all EAT. You guys on top never have to endure the crap you're sending down below like we do. We're always dodging sh1t to some degree and by Marty's comment, half of us are no good. Well most of that half just keep their mouths shut and avoid the sh1t. I avoid as much as I can, but I'm going to voice my opinion regardless of how much crap you guys send down. What you fishheads have failed to understand is that probably more than 90% of the money made on fish is done by taxidermists who FIT in that negative 50%. And what you fail to understand or try and comprehend is that NONE OF US do crappy work intentionally. We do the very best work that we're capable of at a price that's obviously good enough for those 90% out there. WE need every advantage we can get to keep and maintain their loyalty. So who cares if they don't ever see that back eye. WE SEE IT and the guy living in that trailer or hanging it in his hunting shack will see it when he hangs it up. Since I did such a crappy job on the show side, I want him to think I was still trying to do something for him by putting the back side in place.
  4. mbt

    mbt New Member

    At my shop I build an entire fish as pedestal. Two eyes, 360 degree full detail airbrush, mouth insert, maxed out. Thin fins, with full motion and now Travis has hooked me into powders. I love the details and just can't stop from doing all my mounts as pedestals. Just my way, I'm hard headed!!! ;D God Bless, David
  5. Cole

    Cole Amateur Taxidermist

    No need to apologize George, I'm just yanking your chain. LOL
  6. torque10

    torque10 touch me and see what happens

    one eye cause i always do a 1 side mount