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Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by yelper, May 19, 2009.

  1. yelper

    yelper Do or Do Not.... There is no try

    Is anybody going to Africa this year? I'm thinking of going myself so I can try to get into that market. I know that work can be a pain but I want to offer that & feel that if I go & have first hand knowledge & have some mounts to show I'll have better chance of getting some work. Where has anyone gone with good results & trustworthiness?
  2. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    There are several who offer package hunts of just under $3,000.00 that include everything except trophy fees. Even round trip plane tickets from NYC to JB are thrown in. Check the SCI news papers for more info.

  3. Tricia

    Tricia New Member

    lmao this reminds me of a customer that came in not long ago to talk about his mounts from last year. He paid a good sum to have everything shipped over here, tanned and then shipped to me. I had to replace 5 capes out of the 6 sent to me. He knew I was sent some shitty capes, he saw the damage and approved the cost of the replacements. But he wasn't real thrilled and asked what he should do next time to prevent that from happening again. I told him to go to Texas!

    Buy one or two Africans to put together for your showroom...call Dennis, he'll have something for you. After your first safari, if you did everything right and made your customer happy, he'll tell his buddies. Do a great job on theirs and they'll tell their buddies. It'll come to ya, have patience and don't waste your money on a trip to Africa just to gain expereince in mounting them. Use the money you saved on something more worthwhile.
  4. RDA

    RDA Active Member

    be very aware of cheap deals. procure some real salt and WATCH THE SKINNING AND SALTING PROCESS OR YOU WILL BE SORRY......even better. do it yourself.... bring some small knifes for bribes to the skinners cuz its all about those skins!!! ;)
  5. *

    * Liberalism IS A MENTAL ILLNESS !

    I friend of mine has these hunts...

    PM me I'll set you up with him.

    5 days 6 nights $2,270 2x1
    1 x Impala
    1 x Warthog
    1 x Springbuck, Common
    1 x Blesbuck, Common
    1 x Duiker or Steenbuck
    Note: 2 on 1 hunts are only offered on the five day packages

    7 days 8 nights, 1x1 $3,610
    1 x Kudu
    1 x Impala
    1 x Springbuck, common
    1 x Warthog
    1 x Blesbuck, common

    10 days 11 nights, 1x1 $5,235
    1 x Kudu
    1 x Impala
    1 x Springbuck, common
    1 x Black Wildebeest
    1 x Warthog over 8”
    1 x Warthog under 8”
    1 x Duiker or Steenbuck
    1 x Blesbuck, common

    Full time service of licensed Professional Hunter, Tracker and Skinner
    Accommodation, all meals and beverages
    Skinning and field preparation of trophies
    All transport during safari pickup and drop off from airport (East London)
    4 x 4 vehicle
    Daily laundry services
    Hunting licences
    Maximum 4 persons per Professional Hunter (2 hunters and 2 observers)
    Hunting vehicles and support team
    Transportation of trophies to taxidermist

    Not included:
    Air fares – international, domestic (chartered air travel if required).
    Taxidermy work and shipping of trophies to final destination
    Dipping, packing and shipment of trophies if you prefer to do taxidermy work in your own country
    Trophy fees for additional animals (bagged or wounded)
    Touring costs outside hunting areas if desired
    Vehicle hire for sightseeing
    Hotel accommodation
    Medical costs and insurances
    Hire of rifle and ammunition (rifles can be hired at $30 per day including bullets)
    Personal expenses


    BOOKING: 50% (fifty percent) of safari cost deposit to confirm the safari. Balance on completion of safari.
    CANCELLATION POLICY: Deposit will be refunded if cancellation is done within 30 (thirty) days prior to commencement of safari. Failure to confirm the safari within the 30 days will result in a 25% (twenty-five percent) deduction fee from the deposit for admin fees incurred. Package animals not shot will not be swapped or discounted for from original package.

    This is not a cull hunt. You are hunting for mature animals. If you take the next world record "what ever" there will be no additional trophy fee. This is an excellent area to take the wife or children. Lots of game to hunt, photograph and observe. Ranch consists of high plains and deep ravines (kloof's). I recommend a flat shooting rifle of mid caliber. Some shots can be 200-300 yards and beyond. Any questions or pics, just ask.
  6. gab

    gab Active Member

    I've never been,but still get some african.I think you'd be better off spending that money on an ad in a safari publication or on a booth at a show.I bought a book edited by peter flack called Safari Guide 2008-2009.It tells you all about each country in detail and helps me answer my clients questions.
    some clients aren't impressed with taxidermists that go to Africa.they think the time spent on Safari and mounting personal mounts would be better spent completing their work in a timely manner.
  7. Missouri Creek Studio

    Missouri Creek Studio Black buck Walnut pedestal

    You have gotten some great advise from everyone, especially Dennis who has African experience. It takes some time to build up that clientele. The advantage of going yourself if the terrific up close reference you can collect. To build some clients of that caliber if you don't have personal trophy's, buy some capes and horns to mount for display and practice. African species can present numerous challenges and usually form alterations. To echo NTA-4U SCI also has hunting reports and feedback from their members on their experiences with different outfitters. With the economy in a downturn some outfitters are having cancellations and great deals, just check them out first.
  8. ed150

    ed150 deer city time

    ur in for a treat,mounts can be a nightmair,well i should say skins.but to hunt in africa is absolutly freekn awsome.good luck with the hole thing
  9. Listen to the PH, dont tip the tracker or skinners until the last of the trip. on day one show them how you want everything skinned and explain the better they do the better the tip.
  10. Kevin

    Kevin New Member

    Check out their site. I have been three times with them and have become very close family friends with them. Most wonderful people in the world. The trophy care is exceptional, out of 3 trips and over 40 animals I had to replace 1 cape and that was my fault trying to mount it without African experience. I have taken my family and my 6 year old son was able to take a real nice impala there. I can not say enough about how well they will take care of you. Tell them Kevin Bethje recommended them, they are very close friends of mine. I will be going back for Buffalo when the economy allows me, my last trip was for Lion many others, just a top notch operation from start to finish. I would recommend everyone take a trip to Africa hunting or sight seeing just to experience what it is like.
    Good luck
  11. Kevin

    Kevin New Member

    If you go on http://www.dksafaris.com/ website, in trophy room 2 fourth down on the left is my son's impala and the whole family that went, and bottom right is my dad's eland from the last trip.