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Tried your tips Nina, I liked this way much better than mine.

Discussion in 'Wildlife Artwork and Crafts' started by Chops, May 26, 2009.

  1. This is my 4th drawing in about 10yrs... Nina's work really inspired me to start drawing again. It was fun trying some new way to do things. Thanks for you advice Nina!

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  2. thats neat
    and i love nina's work so much i don't draw because its to embarassing

  3. Tried to brighting it up.

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  4. I know what ya mean... she's an awsome artist... There are some really good artist on this forum.
  5. ed150

    ed150 deer city time

  6. BVanKirk

    BVanKirk package deal

    looking very nice! i would darken up the contours of that back thigh a wee bit but other than that gorgeous!
  7. Head Hunter

    Head Hunter Member

    Hey Chops nice work. I too have been inspired by Nina's work. What advice did she give you?
  8. that is Reilly good
  9. Thanks Bailey. When I was working on it I was contemplating whether or not to add darker detail to that area... I'll re-post after I do that thanks.

    Head Hunter... I normally would draw by eyeballing my reference pictures.... I used the grafting technique like in the first picture.... your able to cons intrate on breaking the detail down much easier .. also she suggested graphite pencils and quality paper in the past I all ways would use printer paper and an no.2 pencil using my point pressure for creating different shades.... with the graphite the different hardness and softness gives more of a variety of shades. And just play around and draw a lot. People on here are really nice, they will offer really good advise and suggestions if you just ask.
  10. Took your advice thanks

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  11. Nina Lukaszewicz

    Nina Lukaszewicz Outdoor Dreams Taxidermy

    damn! looking good! keep up the great work.
  12. BVanKirk

    BVanKirk package deal

    dont ever be afraid of a little value :)
    very nice work chops, keep it up!