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First artificial tree stump

Discussion in 'Habitat and Exhibit' started by FeatherHorn, May 26, 2009.

  1. FeatherHorn

    FeatherHorn New Member

    This is my first atempt at an artificial tree stump. The first pic is nearing the end of construction where you can kinda see the pvc and the foam work that I did. The second is the finished product. I'm going to be putting a 32" peacock bass replica in the center of it. I would like to thank Mike Vernelson for trying to answer all of my questions. I know it's no where close to your skills, but maybe some day....

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  2. FeatherHorn

    FeatherHorn New Member

    first pic

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  3. Wdlangford

    Wdlangford New Member

    Looks really good!
  4. Really nice! I'll pass the info off to Mike in the morning. Keep at it....reference is king, knowing your subject, making molds, texture pads, etc.

    Speaking of which, I could not find Mr. Vernelson this afternoon buzzing around the shop as usual. I finally located him in the back alley of our building, up on a ladder, making texture molds. No tree is safe!!!

    Great work!


  5. joeuhuh

    joeuhuh New Member

    new question here what do u use to make the teture molds

    havnt relay seen any in the tutorial section

    thanks joe
  6. just regular latex. 3-4 coats you can add burlap if you want to thicken it up for large moulds. I like mine a bit thinner 1/16 inch on average.
  7. ace man

    ace man New Member

    looks real nice , i think you should ad some more higlights to some areas . roughly how much does it weigh ?
  8. FeatherHorn

    FeatherHorn New Member

    I'd say it weighs close to as much as a piece of cedar the same size. I used a piece of heavy duty pvc, just what I had laying around. Thanks for all the comments guys
  9. LionHeart

    LionHeart New Member

    Looks real good man, I like it 8).