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Discussion in 'Forum Operations' started by Atdymoke, Sep 16, 2006.



    Not even going to tell you what grandpap Col. Whimsical Gantry said on his dying bed about opinions!
    So we "register" our guns and there will be no crime!
    And because your English Setter is "registered" she hunts and points better than mine thats not!
    The "registered" sex offender never rapes or molests again!
    Get real, proactive is wanting to live in an eutopic world.
    I'll wait until my boat springs a leak before I fix it.
  2. Atdymoke

    Atdymoke New Member

    LOL, I take it opinions are not thought of real highly by you. Once again you're right (you're on a role)

    Just because we register our guns doesn't mean there will be no crime ... but at least we know who the gun belonged to so there can be repercussions.

    Registered sex offenders may perform their act again, but at least we have their information and DNA on file so we can track them down and get them off the streets again.

    Now I can't speak to your dog, you're on your own there.

    You've made some very "colorful" comparisons and you probably think people shouldn't have to register their vehicles, register themselves as a driver within their state, or register as a citizen in the US?

    Personally I would rather make sure my boat is seaworthy before taking her out, but I guess you DO have an opinion after all, welcome to CLUB where everyone has one.

  3. Elmer,
    Your Grand pappy never worked for the government did he? Their motto is "If it ain't broke, then fix it until it is broke!"

    Let the guest post if they want. It took me nearly an hour looking up all them big words Wabbit put up here this morning in the Fish Category. Took me 15 minutes just to find my old Zoology textbook from ZO250. I enjoyed it, got me to thinking I need to increase my carrot intake. Brainfood..it ain't just for eyes no more!
  4. wabbit

    wabbit Guest

    (")_(") ...
    David actually Daucus carota, is high in fiber, antioxidants, and minerals. Did you know that a carrot 71/2 long
    has 2025 RE of vitamin A, which is 203% of your Daily Value!!!
  5. rnviper3

    rnviper3 New Member

    personally, i liked the way anyone could post there opinions. as stated above guest have had good input to help us all. this site has been an awesome tool for me, but i found it as a guest and posted as one. isn't that what this was made for. information sharing. why limit it to only registered members. besides. if your like me you may not have the patience to figure out how to regester. so it took me forever to get it done. i miss the old site.
  6. Paul I

    Paul I New Member

    I kinda like the wabbit and think free means free to everyone.I'm sure there are clubs and chatrooms for people who disagree.Also I love the new spellchecker.Now the spelling police can retire.LOL
  7. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member


    The site you are referring to regarding "Phil" did not have registration whatsoever. And it gets a truck load of spambots too.

    Would someone explain to me one good reason for being a guest vs. a registered member. I don't get it. ???
  8. E Fudd

    E Fudd Guest

    Bet those cawwots taste bettuh wid' lead Wabbit. Now comeah' you wabbit!
  9. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    Not only are you not funny you're not original. Bugs Bunny is old hat. And furthermore aren't you a little hypocritical posting the rules about power posting and bumping when this is proabably the most useless post I have ever seen on this site?
  10. E Fudd

    E Fudd Guest

    SHHHHH Mistah Cecil,
    You aww gonna give me away. I am wabbit huntin' and you aww just followin' me awond makin noises and steppin on twigs...go away you anti huntuh! :mad:
  11. Wabbit

    Wabbit Guest

    ...ok Cecil I will do some reasons for you in riddles for Asher since he brought this up. With what little info he used to register, and the info he's left on the internet, this is what the Wabbit thinks he knows about Asher, after doing a little detective work. Born one click shy of the mid 70's last name starts with D, six letters, middle initial is the first letter of the alphabet, he presently or once lived in a house that was 1704 sq ft with 3 bedrooms, located in a town in Jackson county that has seven letters , on a street named after a clock part. He once or somebody with his exact same name lived in Lane county in a town with 11 letters. I will leave his wife's name and birthdate off , but found it too. Now Asher if you recognize this as you.............you either lived by or presently live on the same street within a block of a "registered" sexual predator whose m.o. is children. Now Cecil if my educated guess is right, and I can find out that info in less than 20 min. on a total stranger, in a state I have never been to, couldn't anybody who was really interested in Asher D! Just doesn't make sense to me why people want to leave all this info out in public in these time of identity theft and worse. Maybe this threads not so stupid after all Cecil.
    Watch it Elmer! ;D
  12. Li Li

    Li Li New Member

    <b><i>Would someone explain to me one good reason for being a guest vs. a registered member. I don't get it.</i></b>

    Cecil, it's been explained to you more than once on the old site. Other then a few more bells and whistles, there's not much difference between being a guest vs. being a registered user. The explanation is not healthy for the site so I won't explain it to you. It would only aide those with the propensity to behave badly. Clearly, Ken knows what he's doing so don't worry yourself over it...
  13. Atdymoke

    Atdymoke New Member

    Wabbit, that was a pretty neat trick you pulled there and the information you provided was accurate, but how much of that information was actually obtained from the information that I provided during the registration of this site? I know that on the old forum there were posts that I included my first and last name, one where I actually posted I was celebrating my 30th birthday, one where I actually posted my address (I think), and one where I included my phone number. Can't you look up general information from ISP and research from there? What if I send someone a package and include a return name and address ... what could someone do with that? I agree that identity theft is a real issue now days, but again how much information was actually obtained from this registration? If you want to share more information with me in private, shoot me an e-mail, I would love to know how you pulled that "wabbit" out of your hat.
  14. wabbit

    wabbit Guest

    (")_(") ...
    Asher ALL of the info needed to pull that off came from your "registration," I used that plus some search engines to verify my findings and then went back in cache to make sure I was sure, since your location in registration was different from all the other info, I had collected in that short period of time. I had all the info in less than 20 min. It took longer to type it, and then something happened in spell check.......poof .......so I did the riddle. I wanted to put this out on a platter to show not just you but everybody just how easy it is. My concern was that Elmer had used the example of "registered sex offender" so I did go to http://sexoffenders.oregon.gov/SorPublic/Web.dll/main?S=69595257700&cmd=SHOW_BULLETIN&I=18249 sign in and went to your home town, where there are 21 registered sex offenders rated as predators! Don't get alarmed , for the size town you live in that not very many! When I put your street in I found what must be an apartment building about a block away from you at 1050, there currently is a registered sex predator that preys on minors, living at that address if Oregon's site is current.. I just thought you might want that info. By the way Mark Stone lives in your old address, and if the Lund's are still your neighbors say hey to them from the Wabbit!
  15. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    Wabbit or however your are -- are you serious? Just being on the net can make you vunerable. You don't even need the registration info here. Dont' know a lot about compters eh? ::)
  16. Atdymoke

    Atdymoke New Member

    Well wabbit, I am very appreciative of the information that you provided. I hadn't even thought about some of these things being easily traceable. Glad I'm not living there anymore, just goes to show even nice quiet neighborhoods can have some of these people lurking around.

    You have made the most sensible and compelling argument to this thread, but I still think people should register .... LOL! ;D
  17. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    Well it's obvious this poll is not legit if we alllow the guests to vote. I would bet if the guests could not vote those for registration would be close to 100 percent at least. Just a thought...
  18. Ken Edwards

    Ken Edwards Taxidermy.Net Administrator Staff Member


    Guests cannot vote in polls. If guests could vote, the results of this poll would be much different.
  19. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear it. I did not know that.

    So any thoughts on whether the guest option will continue? Not only is the vast majority against it according to the poll, I'm sure if you've been reading some of the posts you've seen where at least one "guest" isn't being very nice for the privledge of being a guest. I frequent five other websites and not one allows a post without registering for obvious reasons.

    Thanks for listening. No matter what you do this is a big improvement over the last site and it's much appreciated by me. Gotta go. Just came here for peek after typing up a FAX. Break's over! :) :) :)
  20. Wabbitt

    Wabbitt Guest

    (\__/) <-------- GUEST WABBIT!
    they tell me red whine goes real well with CROW, Cecil