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Any suggestions for African Safari hunts?

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Jeanette Hall, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. I am wanting to book a hunt to South Africa in 2009 for plains game. Anyone have suggestions for reputable guides? I'm looking at a 10 day hunt. Any info would help greatly! Thanks!
  2. shanewb

    shanewb Guest

    Hey Jeanette, why wait till 09. Africa is probably the most affordable hunt out there if you do youre research. I just went in november, bar none, best hunt ever. Ive been saskatchewan twice for whitetails, a dozen fishing trips to ontario for fishing and black bear, western elk, kenai alaska salmon fishing, pike county illinois whitetails. I would trade em all for a trip to south africa. They treat you like a king (or gueen)over there, from the second you are picked up at the air port. If youve ever seen coming to america, its honestly like that there. When youre hunting, they want to carry youre rifle, theyre constantly asking if you want anything to drink, or eat. Wake up in the morning, put all youre dirty clothes on the bed, go out get an unbeleivable breakfast, go shoot an animal, take youre pictures, get in the truck, wait for the trackers to load it up. Go get some lunch, back to the bush, go for another animal. Go back to youre first class air conditioned hut, youre dirty clothes are Washed, dryed, Ironed, sittin on the bed, and a wonderfull dinner is waiting for you in the main lodge. Eat dinner, have some drinks, go to bed, wake up in the morning and do it all over again! The price I found my hunt was great, 1,975 for a blue wildebeast, blesbok, mountain reedbuck, and springbuck. These are not management hunts either, all my animals were gold medal except my springbok. You can mix and match also, trade out animals you dont want,etc. Go in november cause flights are cheapest, I paid 1,400. Heres some of my animals, and my brothers blue. Private message me for more info, I dont want to violate any policies if there are any on posting outfitters. I have no affiliation with the outfitter, just a very happy customer.

  3. shaneb

    shaneb New Member

    black wildebeast, top fourty all time!
  4. shaneb

    shaneb New Member

    Blesbok, gold metal!
  5. shaneb

    shaneb New Member

    spring buck, not large horns but should make bronze medal, only eighty extra as a management animal.
  6. shaneb

    shaneb New Member

    brothers blue wildebeast, I passed this one up for my black. His is well into the record books as a gold metal SCI!
  7. Dean

    Dean New Member

    Contact Peter Ruddle at [email protected] He is in the states right now. Where are you at. If you contact him his marketing travels may be able to work so you can meet. He'll be staying at my place in Minnesota in a couple weeks. He's one of the best I know of. Iv'e been there twice. I'm not into record books but I know out of our 18 animals only 2 impala didn't make the books. My blue wildebeest would be in about the top 20 of all time if I wanted to enter him.
  8. clewis

    clewis New Member

    Hi Jeanette: I have been to Africa 4 times. Three have been with AfriVenture Safaris. I highly recommend them Johan Odendaal and his staff are without equal in every aspect of the hunt, and in particular getting the animals back to the States in excellent shape. Additionally, Johan has donated a number of hunts to the NTA for the benefit of all taxidermists. You can look them up on the web at www.afriventure.net. I believe that Johan is in the States and will be at the SCI Convention in Reno. Check them out - I was profoundly impressed.
  9. shaneb

    shaneb New Member

    Forgot to mention, $1,975 was for everything, meals ,lodging, taxes, airport pick up,animals. Also If you dont care about the size of the animals, he does run management hunts for older animals,broken horns, lesser genetic animals, for hundreds less. He can set up a package however you want. Note, his management animals are still near record book quality.
  10. Thanks for all the suggestions! I may be going sooner than I had originally planned!! Thanks again!
  11. oneshot

    oneshot Member


    Can you please drop me an email and tell me more about your hunt and outfitter?

    [email protected]
  12. Tenbears

    Tenbears Member

    shaneb, what did it cost you to get your trophies back to the Us? treating, permits, and imports?