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Mold making videos ( free) no kidding

Discussion in 'Molding and Casting' started by rodlrock, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. rodlrock

    rodlrock Mold Maker HQ Taxidermy Supply.

    Here are the video links I hope thay help some one.the last two I am not sure if it is safe for work.
    I did not find any thing wrong with them she is not nude. :(
    Rod Rock

    Mold making of Stacy Kiebler's rear she is one of the WWF girls.
    Life casting at it's best.
  2. fesekula

    fesekula Active Member

    Rodrock, Thank's for the mold making links.They will take a little time downloading even on dsl but there looks like a lot of usefull information in the links.

  3. rodlrock

    rodlrock Mold Maker HQ Taxidermy Supply.

    Thay are fast for me but then I have cable 8meg down and 756kb up. ;D
    There are a lot of good info in there even if you have years experience.
    Dow use to have a nice video I dont know if thay still offer it it cost $9.99 I believe
    also polytek and Smooth-on have videos thay cost as well.One last thing polytek has there
    mold making and casting catlog on line for free it is in PDF.It is well worth the time to down load.
    I have tons of links for mold making and casting if you ever looking for something just let me know ill see
    if I can help.