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Otter Help please !

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by wildwings, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. wildwings

    wildwings New Member

    OK I consider myself a bird/fish guy but I mounted up my first otter yesterday. Any how I could use some advice on a few things and the biggest issue I am coming across is how to attach the otter to the base. He is alittle bit heavier then I thought he would be and I was going to use 2 4gauge wires but do you think this will have him stable enough on the base. I know in the 1 photo you can see the start of the base however its not done. Another thing is when you are done with the otter. How do you comb, brush, and dry them for best results. I know this is kinda personal preference but do you back brush them blow with air then comb them down ? I read that a few use hair gel is there a reason to use it other then the slick look. Any finishing tips for a newbie ? Also any input on the otter will help for future reference. Any how also I read almost every otter post in the past and I wanted to say thanks to those who help the people before it came in handy. The 2 most helpfull threads were the Otter Reference pics and the thread about using clay as a filler in the tail ! The form does have a flexable fitted tail but it didn't fill out the tail. Of course this otter was alot bigger then the form so I had alot of mods in it Any how thanks !

    Ps Pictures arnt the best I was in a hurry !

  2. dugart

    dugart Doug Smith / D-Sign,LLC. 616-392-3841

    Well, it's sort of hard to tell from your picture, how you plan on posing him. But if you look at my avatar, you'll see where this pose came from; I entered this in th "99" world comp and the next year presto there was this manikin! That's okay with me though, I was flattered! :eek:

    I used a wire coming out of his hind hip at a downward angle and a wire in his front leg (same side) at an up angle. If I remember correctly, I cut the skin a little bit, after I put the wire in his hip, and epoxied that wire in. His hip was in contact with the wood there. The front paw wire was just forced in and apoxy sculpt attached into the wood there.....of course the wood was drilled to accept the wires.

    As for grooming, I let him dry for a couple weeks, then shampooed with pert plus. After he dried again I backbrushed.

  3. wildwings

    wildwings New Member

    Thanks ! I guess mine is going to be alittle more at a 45 degree angle vs the 90 degree yours has but will do. I plan on wiring him tonight.
  4. a7d1

    a7d1 New Member

    I just finished a similarly posed otter and I used a 3/8 inch threaded rod into a 2 inch deep nut that I fixed into the form prior to mounting, the rod comes out about middle of the belly almost sideways into a root structure so it looks like the otter is swimming under the root after a trout. The root hanges on the wall and the otter stays about 10 inches from wall...looks like it is suspended in air/water. Hope it helps. As for the fur, I washed it before and after mountng and played with it until dry.