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Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by #1 Stunna, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. #1 Stunna

    #1 Stunna New Member

    Ok, I'm going to try and clarify something, everyone is talking about the complaining going on after the fact of the NTA show started by East Coast Waterfowl, he's not complaining about "not winning" his complaint is that no national champion was named, to his recollection in four categories, As someone said in a prior thread you are paying for ones man opinion on that particular day and on another day by another judge you could get a completely different opinion on the same piece, which is absolutely true, judging in a competition is completely subjective and heck, on another day by the same judge he could give you a different opinion as well, again all subjective....ECW competes to learn, to advance, and to hopefully become a better taxidermist....so heres a question, if you have a national or world show and in any given category, all pieces entered have red ribbons, or yellow ribbons....Do you take the highest scoring piece and name that piece national or world champion or does that category remain with no title being awarded...It is a competition so how do you have no winner? I hope this cleared things up a little bit, I dont want Dave coming across as a sore loser because by far thats not at all what he is....And as many of you should know, Dave likes to go to shows to catch up with old friends and to surely have a good time...
  2. We would have had a better time if you were there Lisa!!!!!!!!! LOl

  3. Russ of V.O.W.T

    Russ of V.O.W.T my Ken Edwards moment

    Lisa, i think it has to score a blue. I know at some states in the Pro or "open" they give out BOC's to 2nds as they did in Oklahoma, hell thats the only way i got one LOL but i think at the "bigger" named shows they have to be a blue, and in our state here at MO, it has to be a blue just to get a BOC, let alone master entry to be a state champion. ;)
  4. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    No hard feelings between friends, but this is a taxidermy competition with a scoresheet of criteria to be met to attain a ribbon placement, not a foot race. In a foot race, a guy could limp to the finish line days later and , if he were the first one to do so, still be declared the winner. Not so with a criteria based competition. If nothing is good enough, nothing should be awarded the category.

    Now, if you wanna debate whether a mount there WAS worthy of a better ribbon, thats a whole 'nother issue.
  5. truetolife

    truetolife Fly goosey fly away....isn't she beautiful

    The point is being missed here somewhere along the lines....i scored an 85 shane scored an 86.....i am not bitching that i lost.....shane had the better bird i agree with that.....i have judged before and have been around long enough to know a blue when i see one.... SO THINK WHAT YOU WANT.. You compare that bird to past bird winners there isn't even a comparson with the others...go figure...

    Critieria...whose criteria....the judges or the n.t.a's.. Ego's what ever the case.

    Same old song and dance with certain judges..
  6. Joey Arender

    Joey Arender big mouth alert

    I still say from an outside looking in view its whinny as hell. JMO
  7. #1 Stunna

    #1 Stunna New Member

    Thanks Tom, lol, I wish I would have been able to be there...I know I missed out on the fun, I heard all about your cartwheels, wish I could have seen it first hand though...

    And thats what I thought, that a mount had to have a blue ribbon and meet the criteria, Dave and I were having a bit of a debate about it and I wanted to throw it out there to get you guys thoughts on it...So now I will be quiet on it cuz it appears Dave definitely had a difference of opinion from the judge and he thought Shanes bird was definitely worthy of a blue and the title....I justb wanted everyone to know he wasnt being a sore loser just that he thought a blue ribbon could have been given...
  8. #1 Stunna

    #1 Stunna New Member

    As you are entitled to your opinion, you can view it as whinny if thats the view you want to take, in our state (PA) you have amateur, proffesional, and master, so in order to move from professional to master you must receive the BOC, Dave (ECW) has done this in Birds, Waterfowl, and Freeze-Dry, and I feel PA has one of the most competitive competitions around, so I do think he knows a thing or two about what he's lookin at, and he has also judged the mini shows our state has, his opinion, is that there was a bird that was worthy of a blue ribbon and because he takes a stand on that and voices his opinion about it doesnt make him whinny, hes just sayin hey, i think a bird could have one, and added a few extra expletives..he just isnt afraid to call a spade a spade....in his opinion... I see a TON of whinny people on this forum and if I thought he was whining i so totally call him out on it.
  9. Judging may in some forms be subjective, but in most casts its objective.

    Most of the judges have a ton of reference materials on hand, pics, cast and many own live animals of those they judge.

    I saw somethngs that Ilearned and after looking at more pics and more mounts closly I see where alot of the mounts were almost there but the "Devil is in the details"

    I came home and have looked at live animals since the show, I know now more than ever that some of the judging was very easy. I cannot say about all if it but some was easy.
    In years past I have seen mounts fatal flawed for many of t he things that passed on for second place. Many point were given for the extra details that went into some mounts.

    Everyone always complains about the judging and I have complained in the past over certain judging.

    There were a couple questionable mounts, I did not and at this point do not care what the opinion is on them. I am also not going to question the judging at the NTA 2009. each judge has their standard and in most cases they are right.

    If you looked at the javelina head on the base, you would have seen the standard from one judge, fricken awesome!!!!!!!!! I got the chance to lok that mount over with a flashlight and close up and its was there, thats the standard and many mounts that judge looked at missed the mark a long long way.