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Power posting

Discussion in 'Forum Operations' started by oldshaver, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. oldshaver

    oldshaver Guest

    I thought this was forbidden.(excuse mine) Some of you are just posting, to get stars, and filling up the server with useless bunk! Are you that starved for attention, or are you just advertising? Transparent as hell!
  2. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    I agree OS. The ones that tick me off are the ones that are just C&P with a smiley face (UH, recognize that little trick Cecil). It's just like the jerk offs who see the sign that says "Lane closed 1/2 mile" and then pull into that lane just so they can cause a back up at the merge sign. Makes playing by the rules almost seem "unfair" doesn't it?

  3. E Fudd

    E Fudd Guest

    Power-Posting and Bumping. Power-posting is when members post empty, or short useless messages in order to simply increase their number of posts more quickly. Examples of power-posting are replying to a message with only 'LOL' or 'I agree', but failing to contribute anything further to the discussion. Power posting clutters up the forums, clutters up the 'new posts' function, and uses extra bandwidth and server space. This also applies to "Bump" messages which are only intended to move a topic up to the front of the board, even if they are cleverly disguised. Messages of this nature will be removed, and repeated violations will result in account suspension.
  4. E Fudd

    E Fudd Guest

    SHHHHHHHHHH, I'm Wabbit huntin'
  5. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    You guys are being ridiculous. George I have on a couple of posts, posted only emotiicons but it was appropriate, as when Bruce Foster asked if he could fish my pond and I responded with a few grins, or when you were obviously baiting me and I responded with a few grins there too. Since when do you care about the rules anyway George? Obviously not when you're breaking them yourself.

    And Ol' Shaver last we heard from you, you were complaining about the new format. Now you're suddenly complaining about folks that aren't following the rules. What gives? Not happy with anything?

    I honestly could care less how many posts I have, and don't see any advantage to posting more posts. Who cares? Is there some prize or something?

    Mr. Fudd I've already told you how I feel about guests trying to tell me what the rules are. Bite me.

    You guys need to grow up and put away your petty jealousy. I'm mean really it's just a website. Get a life.
  6. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    Wow what a hypocrite. You just did what you're complaining about.
  7. oldshaver

    oldshaver Guest

    Why didnt you just enter as David Patton, instead of ole Elmer?
  8. Bruce Foster

    Bruce Foster Guest

    geez, I thought men were different creatures than woman........power shoppers, and jabber jaws at the Bingo game.....this is sounding more like a beauty parlor.......maybe I need to rework my "girlfriend remote"
  9. oldshaver

    oldshaver Guest

    Cecil, Im waiting for my applogy! That e. fudd thing belongs to David Patton. C,mon, ive ate crow many times on here. You can do it too!
  10. aussiesam

    aussiesam I'm an Australian.

    On other sites I visit the mods do thier bit and remove such posts.
  11. Old shaver that makes 2 times you have accused me of E Fudd posting. Why is that? Why are you focusing on me?
  12. oldshaver

    oldshaver Guest

    You click on the little white envelope on the left, and your home e-mail pops up. Eric, and a few others can atest to that, im sure, but I bet they wont.
  13. wilson

    wilson New Member

    hehe ,now that's funny,,,,,,,,,
  14. That is funny! That is also why we are having fun here. And thanks for the informative posts! Now let's get serious:

    Cecil is not going to apologize to you. He wasn't calling you hypocritical, he was quoting me, E Fudd, for the useless post and calling me hypocritical.

    Cecil obviously has a completely different beef with you. At least, that is what I got out of his first post.

    If any apologies need to go out, it would be me apologizing to Cecil. I guess I caught him in a bad mood last night. He sure did not like E Fudd too much. Sorry Cecil!! Just having fun.

    Everyone OK now? Wabbit?

    PS: +1 for you OS! 3-->4 Yea!!

    BTW, that was not my email. Similar, but no, I guess I could fake something stupid as the posts were, but I never was good at subterfuge. LOL!!

    how about [email protected] or [email protected]

    Guests can pretty much put in what they want right? So much for validity...
  15. Paul I

    Paul I New Member

    Mr.Foster if I had had one of your remotes I would still be married today.LOL
  16. wabbit

    wabbit Guest

    ...funny David Fudd, next time wear gloves! I think Cecil put his foot in his mouth blaming the real Elmer for the deed though. ha ha or is that lol
  17. cold trapper

    cold trapper age 15 a trapperman w/7 prime rats!

    WA-OOOOH..i'd like to get my teeth in dat waskaly wabbit dat sell WASCO products.. 8)
  18. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    Whatever! ::)
  19. Bruce Foster

    Bruce Foster Guest

    Paul......you can have my old one.......don't need it here.....and Cecil........how about those power Avitar changes?......you can blame me....only three left!!!!!!!!!
  20. E Fudd

    E Fudd Guest

    Now Wabbit, you know Ah cain't shoot wit those gwoves!