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The Week in Fish Pictures~ Week #17 Jan 16 2007- Feb 1 2007

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Rick Krane, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. Rick Krane

    Rick Krane Fish Taxidermist/ Judge/ Sculptor/ Instructor

    Good Morning from New Hampshire!

    Week # 17 is upon us. Thanks to everyone who has participated last week! Well Over 2300 hits!!! Last week we had some Great Fish from a lot of giving folks who don't mind sharing and helping others with some inspiration and cool fish!

    We had lots of new folks and some folks who haven’t been with us for awhile! Welcome and Welcome back! The work this past week was nothing short of breath taking and the artist who shared take a bow for your beautiful efforts!

    Each week Pictures can be posted of recent work or work your proud of to show and share with your pears!

    Everyone is welcome to post, from beginners to the advanced.

    So here goes!

    This week I thought I would start some one picture of his first fish (Brown Trout) by Mr. Mike Nussey of Anchorage Alaska.

    This is the beginning of what will undoubtedly be an even better week!

    Have a great week!!!

    Thanks for Sharing your knowledge and Support!

    Rick Krane
  2. That Brown is wonderful. Great art work. This is my first brookie and 6th fish. All comments and critiques are welcome as I want to advance in this field. I didn't think it was tooooo bad, the customer liked it. I definately need work on painting and detailing.

    Thanks and happy fishing.

  3. That fish has all it's spots, I promise. I'm not sure on the pic posting yet, Sorry
  4. Excellent Brown trout Mike !
    This week I have an 18" Rainbow trout, mold and finished repro.
  5. The finished Repro.
  6. Capt. Bryan

    Capt. Bryan Guest

    12 lb. Sheepshead custom molded and cast. 8)
  7. Capt. Bryan

    Capt. Bryan Guest

    Sheepshead detail. 8)
  8. Capt. Bryan

    Capt. Bryan Guest

    cuban hog fish 8)
  9. A- Fish

    A- Fish Stehling's Taxidermy

    Great fish!!
    Mike- That brown is great- one of my favorite colors schemes

    Nate -Great Brooki!!!

    Dondi- love the Rainbow!! like the molding picture

    Capt. Beautiful fish, that Cuban hogfish is the best I have ever scene Great Great Great fish!!!!!!!!!

    I have a Dolly Varden Skin Mount. Artificial head. Caught in remote Alaska.
    Hardest part on these is getting a smooth skin and the intricate scale detailing.




    and finally , a smooth puffer fish we did for an interior design firm in LA

    This will be my last post until spring....lots of work to get caught up on....see ya in April!
  10. Pescado

    Pescado Biggest in 2011

    Here's a custom job. Silicone mold, bondo & resin body, original fins. ​
  11. dougp

    dougp Active Member

    WOW!!! Great start this week!!
    Mike Nussey...super!!
    Nate....kinda hard to see, but looks good...
    Dondi...I like the color on your rainbow...
    Bryan...sheepshead is very cool...teeth are great, real or cast???
    Aaron....as usual, very clean and well done skin.....puffer!!! unique!!
    Pescado...a Goby!!.... who'd a thunk....!! Looks great! Is that for your collection or a customer??

    Here's mine....New Wave blank....customer peacock bass. This fish was fairly bland and did not have the characteristic markings on the face.......
  12. mayhem15

    mayhem15 New Member

    Fantastic fish this week guy. thanks for sharing. Here's a 57" coelacanth i finished this week.

    <img src="http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f59/mayhem15/fish/c3.jpg">
  13. Rick Krane

    Rick Krane Fish Taxidermist/ Judge/ Sculptor/ Instructor

    Good Morning!!! Just checking in!!!

    Hey Nate!!!! Brookie!!! WOW 6th fish! Man you got it going! Great work!!!

    Don!!!! Love that casting and Molding my friend! It is so cool to see a fish go from molded to finish and you do this extremely well Don!!! Beautiful Rainbow!!!

    My Old Friend Capt Bryan! Bryan who in the world wouldn’t love your fish! The teeth on that Salt Sheephead are way cool!!!! The Cuban Hog is always one of my favorites! I will be down this year and I’ll bring some customers and you can show them BIG TIME Fishing!!!!! Thank you Bryan!

    Aaron!!!!! What a Dolly! The work you do and your family is out standing and a standard for what good work should always be!!! I’m sorry to hear that you will be away for a bit I will say your work and your presents will be missed until you come back! Do good work! BTW the Puffer is pretty cool too!!!!

    Paul!!!! I have never seen a Goby so real looking as that one! Man that is awesome presentation and any one who has ever caught the lil line shakers will know that is as close as you can get! Always great work!

    Doug!!!!! Love the Peacock! What toning and sweet blending of transition and colors! I see them often enough and a good deal of folks apply paint to heavy so it is nice that you shared a Peacock so well done! Great work!!!!

    Mayhem!!!! I will tell you I have never seen a coelacanth finished or displayed! I had to even take a look at Google and I will admit you are one scary dude Mike!

    What a great start to a great week!!! I can’t wait to see that the week brings! Thank you all so very much for your generosity and knowledge for all of us to have!

    My Best!

    Rick Krane
  14. Taxi-lover

    Taxi-lover Active Member

    Awesome and really exotic work this week...I think you guys get better every week. Great work, thanks for sharing!
  15. Eric C.

    Eric C. New Member

    This is my first reproduction, fifth fish overall. This is a great site, I've learned so much from the weekly pics alone. Thanks to all willing to share the information they've learned over the years.
  16. sparkyf

    sparkyf New Member

    Two words for this week everybody......."WOW" :eek:
  17. AnglingArtisan

    AnglingArtisan Well-Known Member

    Mayhem...Man! that is hardcore!
    I would be afraid to mold one of those guys.....where'd ya find that blank?

    Paul...yeah that Goby is really good. I kept one for a while in an aquarium and your rendition is excellent.
    From observation ,they are truly an odd fish...mine used to sit on top of it's rock cave and prop himself up on his "flipper" like a kickstand. It reminded me more of an amphibian than a fish...eyes on top of it's head and everything!

    Eric C...sweet looking Brown, I've seen some here in Western NY that look just like that.

    Dondi...good to see you bustin' out with the tippings!

    My contribution for the week is just a plain old spawning male Brown....mold/cast by yours truly.
    Wish I had a sideshow freak fish to share :'(
  18. Great looking fish & Effort this week by ALL !

    Paul - I love the Round Goby....I catch many each spring fishing the Central basin of Lake Erie for Smallies !

    Dougp - Great looking Peacock Bass, I think the lighter phase is attractive !

    Mayhem - Great paint / detail on that fish ! Looks Prehistoric to me !

    Aaron - Very clean Dolly Varden, looks Great !

    Bryan - Very nice Cuban Hogfish ! I don't know salt water fish to well, but that is an attractive mount !

    Rich B. - As always....your work speaks for itself. And Yes, scale tipping has helped my fish detailing !
  19. Jim F.

    Jim F. Let's go Fishin!!!

    Here is a customers, mid Summer Lake Michigan Chinook I just finished this morning.
    It took 3rd place in the Door/Kewaunee Salmon Tournament last year.

  20. BIGUN

    BIGUN Member

    I am just speechless as usual (you wish- he he). just incredible fish, everyone. That Goby really caught my eye but I have to say that AA's brown is one of the prettiest we have had on here. AA: what is that scale tipping material? It looks great! I totally understand if you don't want to dicslose it, besides, I am probably committed to spending the rest of my life using this lead-based stuff considering the trouble the guy went through to get it to me. I am painting a fish today for the first time since I dicovered this site- fun!!!! Dave