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Grooming Whitetail ????

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by whitetailedvisions, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know of a supplier that offers a grooming pose (other than VAN DINKS) Looking for one for a larger deer 7.5 x 23. If not grooming something with the neck turned far enough that it is looking nearly backwards.

    Thanks for any suggestions anyone can make.

  2. rebel

    rebel New Member

    research has a form called checking his back trail

  3. yeah but it is a pretty small form thanks though
  4. rebel

    rebel New Member

    it sure is i just check sorry
  5. rebel

    rebel New Member

    i just looked for you and i couldnt find anything ether or even close in the size you need
    and if you have to have that pose then i would suggest starting with a 6500 from wasco and alter it to the pose you are looking for
    i have used that form allot and it wouldnt take much to get the pose you are looking for
  6. thankx, Rebel
  7. kodeman

    kodeman New Member

    Second 2 nature taxidermy supply carries a grooming whitetail form. There measurements closest to yours our;

    A- 7
    B- 19 1/4
    C- 19 1/4
    D- 22

  8. has anyone used second2nature yet since they changed hands?? I don't know if I trust them yet.
  9. kodeman

    kodeman New Member

    I didnt know they changed hands. When did that happen?
    I was just looking thru my 2009 catalog and saw the form.
  10. aren't they the former D.Cha$e Co.??
  11. Second2Nature bought out DC recently.

    Post pictures when you get your deer mounted up! :)
  12. rebel

    rebel New Member

    ok now i am confused the form that kodeman posted is only an inch larger than the one in VD i thought you needed a 7.5x23
    is 23 at the ears
  13. I saw a 20" form when I looked through my DC catalog last night. That looks like it is the biggest one anyone has. You will need a slightly smaller form anyway, to make the drastic turns, unless your cape is shaved real good, but the 20 may still not be big enough for your cape. If you really want that pose, looks like you might have to do some altering of even the biggest grooming form, if your 23 measurement is tight at the ears... ;)