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First mount

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by D.Nichols, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. D.Nichols

    D.Nichols New Member

    i'd like to thank everybody that responded to my questions. I researched the archives for the past 2 weeks here, watched the sallie dahmes video 3 times and read the breakthrough whitetail manual. i spent all day saturday mounting my first buck. it took twice as long as i expected and was 10 times harder than i thought it would be. i wanted to quit halfway through it, but i pushed on and turned out a pretty good mount. i learned a whole lot and i think next time it will be a lot easier. here he is. constructive criticism is welcome!
  2. woodduck

    woodduck New Member

    Looks really good for your first one keep up the good work. ALEX

  3. livbucks

    livbucks Well-Known Member

    Looks really good.
    What earliners did you use?
    I like it.
  4. JohnB

    JohnB New Member

    Nice. Good job.
  5. D.Nichols

    D.Nichols New Member

    i used bondo for the ears. i started doing the first one and realized i hadn't opened the ears ALL the way up, so i had to peel it back open and start over. once i opened both up to the very tip edges, the bondo worked pretty good.

    WILDLIFER " Damn Mini Flesher !"

    Really good "First " deer. Your shop seems very nice & organized for just starting out -wish mine did (and I've been at it for a while)!
  7. 11th hour

    11th hour Member

    Nice! Wish my first would have looked that nice. But then again I didn't put the amount of time into researching like I should have. Since then this site has helped me tremendously. Keep up the good work.
  8. Bobbi Meyer

    Bobbi Meyer I luv to ride my tricycle, I luv to ride my trike

    see...even beginners can do a bang up job IF they take the time to research what they are doing and ask for advice from those of us who have been at it for a while....VERY NICE JOB !!!
  9. dcooper

    dcooper New Member

    Looks good. I would take some closer photos and from different angles. That way, you'll get some good critiques, ie: ear butts, eyes, etc. Keep up the good work!
  10. D.Nichols

    D.Nichols New Member

    i'll post some more pics tonight from different angles. the only thing i'm not real happy with is the nose, which you really can't tell from the pic i posted. i thought i had all the tucking skin thin, but found out otherwise when it was time to start tucking. somebody suggested i use an eppley form, so i ordered one and it couldn't have been a better fit. that cape went on like a glove and the incision met up perfectly with no pulling and no excess skin.
  11. D.Nichols

    D.Nichols New Member

    here's some more pics from different angles.
  12. tschuppan

    tschuppan New Member

    look like you did a great job
  13. wendell

    wendell New Member

    nice job.on your next deer tuck the lower lip in some more. you have to much lip showing.
    make sure it's the same on both sides. that's a nice mount for your first.
  14. Dawg3458

    Dawg3458 New Member

    Agree 100%
    Other than the lip it looks great..IMO
    I wouldn't have a problem paying you if I was a customer
  15. looks good bro :) taking the time is everything , I'm learning something new every minute , its a great trade to master !
  16. D.Nichols

    D.Nichols New Member

    i agree with the lip, i really didn't notice it that much until tonight. i had a hard time tucking the upper lip first and the lower was even more of a struggle. i was frustrated at that point and probably rushed through it. i'm just doing this for a hobby. maybe do some for some for friends in the future. i'd just like to be good enough to do my own mounts from now on. thanks for the comments!
  17. Don Z

    Don Z Taxidermist,bowhunter, trapper,family man.

    Looks great!

    As a rule the amount of lower lip showing is normally equal to the width of the bottom of the nose pad.
    The one side view looks like the ear but may be set back a bit too far. But again for a first it is a fabulous mount....good even for a fifth or sixth!
  18. COWBOY

    COWBOY Guest

    That is a great job. I can't believe it was your first. You never forget your first!!!!!

    YOU'LL NEVER MOUNT A DEER!!!!!! NEVER!!!!! :eek:
  19. TWinter

    TWinter Winter taxidermy

    Looks very nice!
  20. JT Stack

    JT Stack Guest

    The upper lip is not that good and the nose is a little messed up too the ears could have been better My first one looked almost perfect and i got a lot of comments from every body on how mine looked so good. But I think if you work on a few things you may be ok to mount another one.