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Rehydrateing in warm weather

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by RustyD, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Just doing some skins. One fox that is a yr old and a fisher that was frozen for years and skun last year that had some freeze dried skin so to speak. I do not have rot stuff as I just started tanning at home last year with, that Bird stuff (KT). But does it risk fur overnite in salt solution w/o anything else? I do have relaxer but did not add as affraid it would interfere w/ KT. I set it in the garage overnite High 60s and put bucket in fridge this AM.
  2. moongast01

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    It will not hurt at all use 1 pound salt per gallon of water and a good bactericide The warm weather will not hurt it.I have 4 Cape Buffalo feet that was in a rehydrate bath for 3 weeks and are still good.Just put them in the acid bath today.

  3. Thanx

    Fleshed them and put them in to soak last nite