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Tan comparison

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Nate Thompson, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. I've been using Paratan for a while and I really liked the results. I decided to see what all the hype was about so I tried Krowtann. I used it on a coyote, mule deer, white tail, and an antelope. I didn't loose any capes, the hair is tight and they all shaved well, I got acceptable stretch and the process was as simple as it gets. I really didn't save any time I don't think. All in all I liked it, but was not blown away by the results. I still like the feel of a Paratan tanned cape and think that overall the price is a little better (more bang for my buck). I'll be sticking with the Paratan.
  2. hidey

    hidey New Member

    Hey Im new to the taxidermy biz.I currently use krowtann my self but would be interested in trying the paratan. I usually use commercial tanning for my deer cuz i feel they have more stretch but maybe you have some ideas on how to get good stretch and a good clean tan.Also have you done a lot of hair off cuz i tried it with lime and it took forever and was a lot of work. any other ideas and how much would you charge for a job like that?

  3. I have never done a hair off tan. If I was going to do any I would send it out. I don't have the tumbler and the other equipment to do any of that. I do hair on, but they are all wet tanned. I don't feel like I can get the softness that is required or sought for in a dry tan and I don't like breaking hides. I'm not sure what the cost of hair off is. I've charged $35.00 for a deer cape and $125.00 for an elk. I don't do alot of stuff for other people, just a few friends here and there. Anything larger than an elk is sent out right along with bears and cats. All in all, the professional tanneries have the know how and equipment to handle the bigger, greasier, and more fragile specimins. I think most people would aggree on that
  4. hidey

    hidey New Member

    Ya i would agree on the softness,which is why i dont ususally do a hair off. this was my first customer for hair off and he wantd to use it for lamp shades, said he just wanted a real ruff job not soft or smoth at all so i gave it a whirl.Also i havent been able to locate a tannery that does hair off. do you have any you can refer?
  5. We used to take it to Fox Valley until they went out of business...Check with one of the larger tanneries around the country and see who they might recommend. Someone on here could probably point you the in the right direction. Good luck
  6. bill@hogheaven

    [email protected] New Member

    Sivko Fur does hair off in the summer months.
  7. hidey

    hidey New Member

    Thanks guys!Thas a place to start