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Lets try this again!!! Smallmouth Mount & Paint Job

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by barnabus, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. rebel

    rebel New Member

    Harley you missed the most important part he came on here putting taxidermist down from sc in his first post when he was called out on it he said it again and uglier he was not pushed in a corner
  2. Uncle Harley

    Uncle Harley New Member

    lol what are you 12? who cares if he dissed SC ? You are missing my point it's a customer, it's not your mother it's not your preacher, it's a potential customer If you are offended why waste your breath just move on.........like they say there is plenty of fish out there ;)

  3. fishmedic

    fishmedic R.I.P. Alli !

    Well put Unc! ;)
  4. I agree.
  5. Geoprge, I NEVER said Gary's fish wasnt awsome. In point of fact it is very well done!My issue lies in that in Ken's rush to promote Gary's fish,(wich is fine btw), Ken crapped all over some one elses work, and YOU cheered him on!THAT in my OPINION is unprofesional and low class .I'm done .
  6. Perca

    Perca Well-Known Member

    AHHhhh. It's hard to beat pride and ego for IGNITING a multi-page thread. Rock on fellas! [​IMG]
  7. LionHeart

    LionHeart New Member

    X2, right on, but I am almost out of popcorn lolll [​IMG]
  8. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    LOL Perca. But I'll earmark this one as proof of how strange fish guys are. This is the ONLY category where the people who're being used and abused would come to the defense of a jerk who was simply pulling their strings. You guys better stay over here and not get close to the "animal" categories.

    Ed, you're entitled to your opinion. I have mine over the issue you and a few others have created, but I'll keep that one for awhile.
  9. Joey Arender

    Joey Arender big mouth alert

    ohhh george dont hold it in now LOL, I need some more reading before lunch is over

    wait its already 12:30. just hold it for a little longer. I need to get back to work
  10. Harum

    Harum Active Member


    Don't you see the irony in how you came on here to defend (as you put it) your fellow taxidermist, yet with your zeal to attack Barnabus you have failed to recognize the insult you have given to one of our fellow taxidermist. Another point you appear to have overlooked is the fact that the majority of our society (including many of our clients) consider all taxidermist strange.
    Just for the record not all of us strange fish heads are defending Barnabus but rather are defending our fellow taxidermist that created his mount. Personally I feel J and K did a fine job on the fish.

  11. Pete!! you get my point EXACTLY!
  12. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Pete, you and Ed don't comprehend English very well, do you? I said that the mount was attractive and that it did have an appeal, HOWEVER, my point was that it was NOT "awesome" as Barumass contended. Now if that's a "slam" to the other taxidermist, perhaps it will incite him to work harder. Go over to the mammal section right now and see how a "taxidermist got slammed".

    ANY WORK put out for public consumption is a candidate for critiquing. You don't get a free pass and it no longer belongs to YOU. It belongs to the customer. I wouldn't be caught dead in some of the "designer" clothes out there, but that's MY OPINION. You two need to stop whining and trying to blow roses up peoples ass and come back to reality. As Gary Bruch stated, ALL taxidermy work has flaws. Get over yourselves and move on.
  13. George, a couple things for you.First you said that Richard C said everyone in N.H. was strange.I count Richard as one of my friends , and if he chooses to call ME strange, He's earned the rite! YOU have not!2nd, (and I'll type slowly for you),If EVERYTHING in a public forum is fair game, You MAY want to call Ken Bauman and ask him his opinoin on that statement.If his posting the pic of Gary's fish was so righteous, Why did he go back and delete it???Lastly , yesterday you told us fish heads to " stay out of the animal section.Today, you tell us to go take a look, I dont know who apointed you Taxi Net traffic cop, but It seems you are confused as how to perform the job. NOW i've said my peace.
  14. barnabus

    barnabus New Member


    Above you will find the original post that I created ,in its entirety ,(page 1) that “Just Fish” copied and pasted before I deleted the 1st thread and started over. There seemed to be some confusion from the outset about whether I was just looking to have someone just paint my smallie or both mount “AND” paint. I can honestly say that when I stated “I am ready to mount this thing!” it may have started some confusion about what exactly I was looking for. Some thought perhaps that I was a taxidermist and that it was already mounted by me and was only looking for someone to do a paint job for me. There were numerous post responses and I received many PMs trying to clarify what I was looking for and I also received some pics of peoples work. .However, There was NEVER a mention whatsoever in this first post about people in SC being “mostly fish stuffers.” That comment only came into the conversation in my second post under "Let’s try this again!"

    After weeks of thumbing through the phone books and asking around, no taxidermist that I talked too or visited had ever painted a smallmouth. Many told me they could mount my fish, but my main concern was “could they paint a smallie? I was referred to this site by someone who knew this was the place to go to find someone who had lots of experience in the painting dept. and that I could see some pics of their work. I thought I would have to go outside my area to where there were a healthy population of smallmouth’s and taxidermist who must have experience with this species.Unfortunatly, SC has little SM fishing opportunities because as you know, smallies prefer cool water which is not readily available in the state of SC, thereby not many are mounted in this area justifying the lack of painting expertise.

    My second post stated that there were, in my opinion, “more stuffers than artist” down here and I will stick by that statement because the hacks out number artisans 10-1.I admit there may be some artist in SC who can paint a smallie but as you guys stated the greats don’t advertise as much as some others. The rub of the whole post started with a response from Rebel asking me “if “He” was an artist or a stuffer? Now I should have bit my lip and not even responded to his post, but I knew he was making a jab so I responded.

    The reason this post exploded was because George told me “I was FOS and just too damn lazy to look around” How would he know who I contacted or what I did trying to find someone to mount and paint the fish. I'll admit he pissed me off. He took offense at something that was not aimed at him directly but he saw fit to appoint himself as the "SC taxidermist proxy". He took offence, but I did not “personally” offend him because I WASN’T SPEAKING TO HIM OR ABOUT HIM. Since this post started he has made it a point to keep this thing going. If you look at his post he has made comments towards me such as me being “FOS”, “lazy” ,”a hick”, “a blow hard” ,”a jerk” ,Barnk”ass”, Barnum”ass” and a ignorant POS.

    For him, like it has already been stated by one of your own, it’s seems personal.. I personally believe George didn’t read or understand my post completely and certainly not my second post but rushed immediately to judgment on what I was saying. I don’t know why he felt the need to stick up for every taxidermist in SC. I think maybe he is a little too sensitive and perhaps even a little insecure. From the post on here it appears even some of the others on here perceive him as a “hot-head” and is quick to jump on anyone who would disagree with him. I said in my earlier post that when I got my mount back that I would post a pic and I kept my word. Immediately he cries foul and once again judges my intentions and then proceeds to bash the taxidermist work simply because it was my mount. When others like Cole and a few others add there remarks, and since they don’t agree with him, he does the same thing and jumps on them and starts wailing unfounded accusations.

    George, I don’t know you personally but by the way you handle your self when confronted by anyone,(even those in the same field with you) you seem to become mean and revengeful and then set out to destroy anyone who might not agree with you. You seem to be a very bitter person. I hope that whatever it is, that someday you can come to terms with it and perhaps change. I will continue to come here and look at the artwork that I see here and use this place as a great resource for finding quality taxidermist. I, for one, will not be bullied or intimated by you or anyone and I certainly will not let your comments go unchallenged like some here may do just to keep from dealing with you.. For those of you who PM’d… thanks for the help and the encouragement to participate in the forum if I need to.

  15. KAMoHunter

    KAMoHunter Proud member of the WVTA

    well said. i think that should be sufficient enough to end this whole thing.... i have a feeling that it wont though. thanks branbus
  16. Joey Arender

    Joey Arender big mouth alert

    LOL KAMO I bet your right
  17. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Ed, Richard has been a friend of mine a LONG time, and I really don't think I need his permission to form my own opinions. Richard lives in MASSACHUSETTS!!! Now anything Richard says has to be taken with that in mind. And to answer your question, no one appointed me as taxi net cop. But neither were YOU, so stop acting like a kindergarten teacher trying to correct a wayward child. I'm too damned old to listen to a lot of that kind of crap. I guess you have a bug up your ass on KB. Well, that too shall pass I assume. If it doesn't, you should take something for it.

    Now Barnabus, time to spend a bit of time with you. You're right. You don't know me and I don't know you but the attitude that you brought is quite familiar to me. It MAY NOT have included you, but when I've seen spots on a leopard, I don't forget them.

    Your biggest mistake was to come on a site filled with all levels of talent and act "comfortable" enough for us to read your intentions into your writing. There are thousands of people claiming to be taxidermists. Some of them (a few on this post I'm sure) are only taxidermists now because they can't afford to quit. They spent their deposit money and need the revenue to pay for this years supplies. That's what "starvin' artists" is all about and our industry is rife with them.

    In over 50 years of doing this, I will tell you that it would have been a more completely enjoyable experience if I didn't have to deal with the general public. YOU, as a fisherman, caught the fish and presented it to a taxidermist (to your good and thoughtful intentions, you DID find someone who could and did a quality job for you). In turn, however, we get shot up animals and birds and turtle eaten fish that customers expect us to reincarnate. They don't concern themselves with what it requires as far as time spent or talent required. They just want it "perfect" when they get it back.

    PERHAPS I and a few others misjudged you. You did have the fortitude to come back here and reply and that gains more respect for your intentions. It's good to know that there actually ARE discriminating customers out there, but you used a taboo word in our industry: stuffer. That's as bad as calling a champion retriever a half-breed to most of us. Pillows get "stuffed". A carpenter may refer to another carpenter as a "wood butcher", but certainly doesn't appreciate a client doing it.

    The guys who came to your defense are the same guys that just a few months ago wrote Bushnell complaining that Jim Burnworth on an Outdoor Network program about hunting Africa remarked that American hunters should leave their trophies in Africa "where the taxidermists know what African animals look like." Because of that, Bushnell has dropped his sponsorship. But these guys don't see the similarities in what you initially wrote. And though "painting" certainly can't be downplayed, all the paint in the world won't hide physical anomolies.

    My initial post was the overuse of "awesome". I stick with that. What's better than "awesome"? I'm gonna piss of both the fish and bird guys, but those two categories have a long way to go before "awesome" can be used truthfully. Your smallmouth looks good, but it can't compare with some of Dennis Harris's "flying mounts" using zebras and lions or mountain goats and cougar, or even a royal elk with a moutain lion. (PERHAPS Rick Krane and Frank Newmyers Great White chasing seals comes close).

    As I said earlier, when I get a discriminating customer (as your intentions now seem to be) I don't have any ego interferences at all. I'd have contacted the best of the best and had them do it. I do that all the time here. So having one "home grown" is certainly no indication that you couldn't have had it done there. I know several world class taxidermist in South Carolina but your implications were that there were none you'd entrust your fish to. That's simply because you didn't KNOW them or where to look FOR them.

    I'm hardly "bitter" about anything, but I'm very protective of where this industry is today versus where it was less than 30 years ago. You, sir, are like many of our customers who come in our doors, get your work, and never come back. I don't lose any sleep over that as people move on, can't afford to pay what I think my services are worth, or simply don't take any more trophies. Some of the guys on here and in our industry have never seen anything but snap-together taxidermy or didn't feel insulted by your coming through the door. I was and if that wasn't your intention, then I apologize for grouping you into that category of individual. This is certainly a place to come and look and to ask questions, but there's also that unwritten decorum I'm just explained. Looks like you found a good taxidermist. Put his phone number on your speeddial and use him (or her) for all your work. Picking a taxidermist is like picking a hunting partner and once you find a winner, stick with him.
  18. LionHeart

    LionHeart New Member


    You might be a good taxidermist but you are sooo fast to jump the string and call whomever is not by your standard a POS, dumbass, stupid, ignorant etc etc, should I continue because that's nothing, we could write a book here and you damn know it.

    Now, you look like a "fish out of the water" trying to explain yourself, and writing whatever reasons you had to do so because you thought it was this, or it was because of that or whatever else you thought is was ::).

    Sometimes, no, actually most of the time when you have an urge to jump the string for whatever the reason, maybe, you could take a deep breath, or take your pill and relax just a bit, maybe then, you would not have to justify your comments.

    You were NOT trying to defend any taxidermists like you mentioned earlier, and there were no reasons for you to write what you did, or if there is a reason, it's the wrong one.
  19. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Paul, if YOU KNEW exactly what I KNOW, you'd have let this die and kept your mouth shut as well. The things I HAVEN'T SAID here would fill that cute little book of yours as well. So before you start mouthing off about me not protecting other taxidermist, I can assure you, I am - more than YOU will ever know. On posts like this one, I've had as much if not more correspondence that DOESN'T show up on this screen than has. I know ONE OF YOU guys mounted that fish, I just don't know which one yet, but I know all about the back biting and infighting within the fish specialty group. There's a whole lot of the story not being told here or this would have died a long time ago. Barnabus coming back to post his picture was probably encouraged by the same person. I know the egos and the one-upsmanship that's played there. Nothing was made of this post until Ken posted Gary's fish here, and suddenly you matrons of honor show up to blast your own. So when you start with the part about being a fish out of water, perhaps you'd better gulp a whole mouthful before you start jumping.
  20. A- Fish

    A- Fish Stehling's Taxidermy

    All this bs over one bass... ::)

    George, the only people who are stranger then fish taxidermists are the people who argue with them.