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First Lifesize Bear

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by michiganhunter88, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. This is my first lifesize bear. I purchased him from PLTannery a while back (by the way, Shelby sells great bears). He was a little guy. Last years cub. This is also my first time playing around with habitat and what not. I thought I wanted the natural pine colored base at first, but now I look at it, I would almost like it a darker oak, maybe. He has a thin spot on his neck, that obvious blemish, which I havent fixed yet. Any recommendation on what to do? Just take the airbrush to the skin??? Still grooming him as he fully drys. If anyone could give any comments, critiques, and critisim, I would more than appricitate it. That is how I learn best. I know he doesn't compare with some awesome bears I've seen on here, but I'm proud of him and I will get better with time and practice. Thanks again everyone! -Nick

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  2. more pictures. You can see the thin area on these two, obviously.

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  3. last one

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  4. muscle20

    muscle20 New Member

    You got your first bear done thats great! Its a start , think anatomy , if you want to be a good taxidermist you need to know the basic structure of the animals you want to mount, in order to achieve this you must have and need to study anatomy, you can not do this on guess work. Look at the anatomy of forms you buy, are they correct? you will be able to see this if you have that knowledge , some suppliers sell truly life like forms, some not , you have to put your knowledge of anatomy into the form. study measurements details like muscles, eyes, ears muzzles, paws ect.What will help you is study the anatomy when skinning out animals , death masks or study casts, pics of the real live animal or the real live animal at the zoo,not looking at another taxidermists mount , if correct or not! Once you have the correct anatomy or structures of animals you will know if is correct or not,with basic knowledge of anatomy you will be able to look at a form and know how to scupt in the details that you yourself know its correct to real life. and be able to judge other taxidermists mounts to either good or bad. Learn all you can about anatomy, and your knowledge will improve the quality of your work.
  5. jnc

    jnc Love, Laugh.......Live!

    Cool rock....... did you buy it or make it? Love more info on it! Nice job for your first bear..... as a critique, you need to set your ears butts down into the form so that the ears aren't riding on the top of his head. Your eye shape is off and the nose looks like it is pulled a bit too far down on the form. Tuck the nostril area a bit more into the nasal cavity and build your eye musclature up by the brows..... first one's under your belt now - it's all a learning curve - enjoy the journey!
  6. Muscle, thank you so much for your input on anatomy. You are 100% correct. As I do more mounts, I will get better (hopefully..haha). I had to cut this bear mount up like crazy to fit, so it was my first time having to do this, and put it back together. Much like a puzzle. JNC, thank you for your critiques. I'll try and go back and work on the areas you mentioned. Your critique is much appriciated. As for the rock, I made it myself. I kind of took one of oldterry's tutorials on making rock. Instead of using the two part foam however, I used insulation foam from Lowes ($2.99 a can) and molded it as I wanted. Under the foam is a few random pieces of wood for stability. I also attached the bears left paw to one of those pieces of wood for another permenant fixture. Then got the moss from Hobby Lobby.
  7. Furrtiv

    Furrtiv New Member

    I can't critique the mount itself as I have so little experience, but I think you're right about going for a darker coloured wood base - that pale colour stands out too much. But it could easily be stained with a nice woodstain or varnish.
  8. reminds me of sumet from a victorian glass case....good try tho''
  9. Russ of V.O.W.T

    Russ of V.O.W.T my Ken Edwards moment

    one of the guys hit the eye catching problem for me when i first look at it, the ears are what catch my attention, they look like they need to come forward, which would allow you "skin" to reshape your eyes, and they need to be set "into" the head, so the dont look so mickey mouse like on top of the head. I did my first bear a while back, and the whole time studying pictures and putting this one together, the one thing i kept realizing was that ears on a bear are dorky looking. That fact is compounded by the fact that your bear is a young cub type bear, so his ears really stand out, hope this gives you some ideas of how you can make improvements very easily on your bear. Russ
  10. Hey Russ. Thank you very much for your input. I agree completly with the ears. They are just so awkward. But in the pictures I studied, like you stated, the young bears ears really looked huge and "mickey mouse" like. But I see what you are saying about ears and the skin being pulled foreward more. I am going to go back and try working on the eyes as well. Thanks again!
  11. I have found that as far as the ears go that the notch of the ear is almost flush with the mannikin when you set them on the head. Try that and it should eliminate the "mickey mouse" look, even on young bears. I can't tell from the photos but I think you have the proper placement on the head of the ears they just need to be set deeper. Doing that will give you more skin to work towards your eyes and will solve some of the stretched out look that's happening there. His paws look to me to be spread open to far. Look at your hand and your fingers as they lay along side each other. A bears paws are quite similar minus the aposable thumb of course. Not bad for the first one. Keep at it and it will come. Good Job.
  12. you need to study reference