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Taxidermy license in Australia?

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Leahxo, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I have recently started studying taxidermy in the U.S but I live in Australia and I go back there in a couple of weeks. I've been trying to figure out if you need a license to be a taxidermist, such as a specific taxidermist license in Australia? I know I'd probably need a general business owners license but if there's a specific license for taxidermy where would i find it? I have searched google tons of times and I haven't found anything but I would just like to be certain. Also, is there a limit to how many animals you can keep in your freezer? I have read that certain taxidermists are a member of the Australian Taxidermist Association but I haven't managed to find a website for this and I need to find out all the legal information as soon as possible, so if anybody can help me on this it'd be great

  2. i would check with your local wildlife office when you get back...

  3. Australian Taxidermists' Association
    President: Gary Pegg
    South Pacific Taxidermy Pty Ltd
    39 Nevin Drive
    Thomastown, VIC
    Phone: (03) 9466 2687, Fax: (03) 9465 2022
  4. aussiesam

    aussiesam I'm an Australian.

    Association - LOL.

    It depends what state you live in as to what Licence you need, if any.
    If your going to work in Victoria two options:
    For working on native animals or ducks you need a licence type 2. But, unless your working on native animals for the DSE or museum, or you intend on mounting alot of ducks, it isnt really worth the cost as natives, in vic, cant be hunted or even picked up dead anyway.
    for just the basic game animals, (deer, fox, pig, goat, buff, etc etc), the licence, (which is about a 1/3 of the cost of type 2) is called a type 1.
    Contact the DSE.

    In NSW its a general license that covers anything. (And its very cheap - about 10% of the cost of a of full Vic license).
    Contact NPWS. *rules might have changed since i left there and introduction of the game council.

    Dont know about the other states - check with thier enviromantal state department.

    Dont forget any raptors are illegal to mount or posess no matter what state you live in.
    No - no limit as to how many animals in freezers, but if, again, your in Vic you must record all in/outgoing deer, duck & native animals.
  5. Thank you! that was a great help. I sent an email to the DSE
  6. Yeah, I live in Melbourne. I'm just in Texas at the moment studying taxidermy. The DSE got back to em pretty quick with the forsm but thanks for the link! Do you have your own shop in Vic?
  7. aussiesam

    aussiesam I'm an Australian.

    Lucky you!
    Take every opportunity that comes your way.

    Yeah - but i wouldn't call it a shop. ;D
    I work from home, near Avalon. Not interested in a fulltime setup at this stage.
    Did you travel over to the world show for a look? I was there this year and wanted to go hunting in Texas but didnt have enough time. Maybe next time.
  8. No I didnt travel for the show unfortunately. Yeah the hunting here seems really good. However, I have never hunted. Even though it sounds a lot of fun Im not quite sure how i'd feel watching an animal die that I killed. i'm going to give it a go though, i maybe feel fine about it. Do you hunt in Australia? Im looking for some aussie hunting buddies to show me the ropes. Im moving to texas in feb! Its great here.
  9. Dirtiran

    Dirtiran New Member

    I have been researching the same sort of thing, though I live in NSW. So the info posted has been useful to me also thanks!
    I am visiting cali in Jan, but I hope to visit the states again at a later date for some proper taxidermy training myself if I cant find anywhere around here. And moving? Lucky you!
  10. Timon

    Timon New Member

    For NSW
    No licence needed for feral animals, only if your working on native ones.

    "No licence is required from the Department to hold specimens or carry out taxidermy on non-native fauna such as foxes, pigs or goats."