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Help with Northern blank?

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by TomL, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. TomL

    TomL New Member

    I have a customer who wants me to do a replica of a 32'', approx 10lb Northern pike his son caught. I could ony find 2 that size, archie phillips and WASCO proline. I ordered the archie phillips and got it today, but not impressed with it. Anyone have experience with the WASCO ones? If theyre alot better, I'd order one of them. I was hoping for something from a better company, but non had that side. Thanks for any help.
  2. Sarge

    Sarge A little too much Lord *hic*

    Lake Country Replicas has one that is a 32 inch Girth 13 1/4 approx 7.75 lbs Northern Pike S-Curve LT

    I like there replicas, I am no fish expert but they sure look real enough to me teeth gills got a walleye for my son and I to work on he caught a decent Saugeye this spring and we are gonna assemble and paint it together so he can learn how to paint as well.

    Hope this helps


  3. After using all the nice blanks on the market now from LCR, Arp etc. I will find it very hard if I ever have to do another Archie blank. You can prep and paint a LCR blank in the time it takes you to prep one of archies. Plus you won't have 8 lbs. of fiberglass and bondo dust laying around. I don't mean to bash Archie and Bubbas work because it was state of the art at the time but that was 20 years ago.
  4. TomL

    TomL New Member

    Thanks for the replies guys. I agree with you Randy, I'd much rather use the better ones, just had a hard time finding the size. Looking at the one I got Im dreading all that dust too. Thanks for the info on Lake Country Sarge, I must've overlooked that one, I thought I checked them, I'll have to look again, I think I'll be ordering that one and keeping the one I got to mess around with.